From Skirt To Finish: Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Skirts!

From Skirt To Finish: Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Skirts!

Next up on our social calendars: Party season! From Christmas brunches to NYE shindigs, you’re going to need all the fabulous outfits you can get your hands on to pull you through those boozy soirees. Picture slipping into a sequined mini skirt and a solid top for a glitzy evening spent bar-hopping. Not a sequin kinda gal? How about a chic colour-blocked pencil skirt which you can wear to your toned down office parties! With types of skirts you are absolutely spoilt for options, there are so many different types of skirts that will have you ready for any occasion! We LOVE skirts. They’re flattering for most body types, feminine and can make you look taller and oh-so-chic. In honour of this versatile piece of clothing, we have curated a list of skirt styles that you can pick from for this holiday season!

1. The Maxi Long Skirts

1 types of skirts

Ankle length loose-fitting silhouettes, long skirts are feminine, flirty and fun all the way. They’re easy to wear and easy to style as well. The best bit? You can wear these even on the days your legs aren’t waxed and look fashionable! Crop tops, slip tops, off-shoulder blouses, bustier tops and a few other styles can be used to style long skirts. Just make sure you balance the loosely fitted bottom with a fitted top.

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2. The Gradual A-lines

2 types of skirts

Quite literally named, A-lined skirt styles resemble that of the letter ‘A’, tight at the waist and slightly flares out below, this style is a great pick if you wish to emphasise your hips. Best suited for women who are on the curvier spectrum, the A-line pencil skirt is a great pick for women who wish to distract attention from their heavier bottom and shift it to the slender waist. Pair it with smart button downs and ruffled blouses to put together the perfect workwear ensemble.

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3. The Demure Drape

3 types of skirts

Similar to a wrap around skirt, draped skirt styles are designed and built in a way that they envelop your body in a side tiered manner and give an extremely slimming effect on the cling. A great style pick for the boardroom or the bar, your draped skirt is a versatile wardrobe essential. The contoured shape of the draped skirt styles are already high on sex appeal, add some lacy or sheer overlay tops to the mix and you have the perfect NYE ensemble! For work, just slip into a chic silk blouse to keep the sleek of the outfit intact.

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4. The Sleek Pencil Skirt

4 types of skirts

The pencil skirt is a straight fit which is snug at the hips and tight at the knees. We totally dig this sexy style and are glad that they aren’t something we wear only to office meetings any longer! After all, they hug you in all the right places and lengthen your silhouette. If you have been blessed with long legs add additional lengths to the elongated bottom half with a pair of strappy heels.

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5. The Chic Flare

5 types of skirts

A dressy staple, these types of skirts are characterised by the extreme flares at the hem. When it’s our favourite summertime - bring out your prettiest flared skirts and flaunt those legs you’ve been working on. A quintessential 90s look, the flared short skirts are the one to pick if your goal is to strut around in a pretty little thing, just pair them with chunky ankle boots and you are good to go!

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6. The Solid Denim

6 types of skirts

Haven’t we all worn denim skirts while growing up? The piece has made a comeback this year and we must move beyond styling it with basic t-shirts and sneakers like how we would back in the day. The denim mini skirt is quite a tricky piece to style so it will be a safe bet to stick to solid tops and shoes, throw in a denim jacket in the mix to rock the denim-on-denim trend 2017 was obsessed with.

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7. The Pretty Layer

7 types of skirts

We shall just say it out loud… Midis are a very underrated separate. The minis win at the cheeky looks and the maxis swept away the modest flowy looks, leaving midis clamouring for attention! The layered midi skirts have been a constant presence in the fashion scene and why not, they are a match made in heaven for petite girls. Adding body to your frame, layered long skirts can replace your regular party dresses, just throw on a cute top and some stylish pumps to the mix.

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8. The Feminine Wrap Around Skirt

8 types of skirts

A simple piece of fabric which you can wrap around to make a straight skirt, how much easier and chicer can this get! A style that can suit all body types, the wrap around skirt has become a beach essential for a few and an overall vacay staple for many. Wrap skirts can be extremely sultry, just opt for more drapey fabrics like satin and silk to highlight your natural curvy form.    

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9. The Smart Pleats

9 types of skirts

This style is distinguished by vertical pleats running along the length of the skirt giving it an easy to wear textured look. This year saw a variety of these skirts, from tinted shades to boldly printed, these skirts were seen everywhere! An elegant and comfortable choice for when you wish to look done up all day long, these skirts paired with smart heels will definitely come in handy!

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10. The Skirt Trouser

10 types of skirts

As the name suggests, these skirt styles are basically a front open slit skirt overlay on top of a trouser. If you are a fan of bohemian fashion, this one is sure to be a conversation starter at your next casual lunch with the girls. Pair these with snazzy loafers and a delicate blouse, keep the accessories to a minimum and just watch the compliments flow!

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11. The Asymmetrical Kind

11 types of skirts

Asymmetrical skirt styles have a very distinctive look as compared to all other styles on this list. The unevenly distributed hemline of this skirt makes for an especially interesting ensemble, something which can replace your cocktail dresses for fancy dos, in the most fashionable way possible.

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12. The Dainty Skater

12 types of skirts

Devoid of any seasonality, the skater mini skirt is always a wardrobe favourite. A super hot number, skater skirts are short, high-waisted circle skirt with a hemline above the knee. these types of skirts are usually made of lighter materials to give the flowing effect that mimics the skirts of figure skaters, thus the name! Blouses, tops, shirts, anything can pull off the versatile skater skirt and look damn fine while doing it.

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13. The Cheeky Mini Skirt

13 types of skirts

2017 was a great year for hemlines! After the midi skirts and the culottes, hemlines are rising again and the mini skirt made a big comeback! Wearing a mini skirt is all about the length - whether during the summer with trendy flats or during the winter with thigh-high boots! So, for a fashion-forward look, add one of these to your closet.

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14. The Tulip Skirt

14 types of skirts

The overlapping quality of this skirt lends it the shape of an inverted tulip, thus giving it the name Tulip skirt. A very creative and feminine pick, the cinched waist and tapered hemline of the skirt makes it an ideal option for the women with an hourglass figure. Go casual with a tulip mini skirt and a graphic t-shirt or create an everyday office outfit by pairing the skirt with w V-neck blouse, the choice is yours!

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15. The Bell Silhouette

15 types of skirts

As suggested by its name, this skirt is snug at the waist, flares from the waistline and then falls straight to the knees, resembling a bell. It is usually made of heavier fabrics so that it holds its form and doesn’t lose the shape. These layered skirts are a good option for an evening party at the office. It’s stunning, sophisticated and the panelling on these skirts offer just the amount of luxe you need for the night. Opt for sleek pumps to go with this skirt.

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Tips To Pick The Best Skirt Styles For Your Body Type

1. The Apple Shaped

Volume is key! If you have an apple shaped body (a curvy torso and a relatively slim lower body), high-waisted types of skirts are a good idea, especially if they flare out from the hips. The line of the skirt will add volume to your hips and flatter your figure, hint: long skirts.

2. The Pear Shaped

If you have a pear-shaped body (broader at the hips than your shoulders), you should go for skirt styles that are amde of more structured materials, and also A-line silhouettes. Lighter or stretchy fabrics like jersey can make your hips appear wider than they are - whereas thicker and more structured fabrics emphasize your hips just the right amount! A higher waist is also a good idea since it focuses the attention on the narrowest part of your body.

3. The Athletic Frame

Tulip skirts are great for adding curves to your body! The make your hips and thighs seem fuller and add more femininity to your look. The same with asymmetrical hemlines and overlapping fabric - these different types of skirts give your hips a more rounded appearance while showcasing your lean legs in a mini skirt.

4. The Hourglass Figure

Rocks those curves, girl! Bodycon types of skirts were made for you, and there is no one out there who will deny that. Grab yourself a pencil skirt if you haven’t already - nothing will make you feel more fab than these.

5. The Petite Frame

The key for you is to find skirt styles that add height to your silhouette and don’t make it look like you’re drowning in fabric. Structured materials are a good idea for this; and when you’re going long, pick something with a side-slit or a wrap around skirt to show a hint of leg and add height to your frame. Avoid mid-calf length skirts - they tend to make a small girl look shorter still.