7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Travel Abroad On A Budget

7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Travel Abroad On A Budget

Don’t just sit there and scroll through your Instagram feed, drooling over delicious exotic cuisines, and daydreaming about faraway lands of stunning sunsets and pristine golden beaches.Get on your feet and go do it! Travel doesn’t always have to be flying in business class or sipping cocktails by the beach, you know. Cheap holidays and travelling on budget are both totally in style and under your control. If you’re looking to make the most of your travel abroad without having to break the bank, here are some handy tips that you can follow to have a wonderful time and keep your wallet fat!

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1. Sign up for mailing lists and discounts

If there’s one thing that every seasoned traveller knows, it’s the beauty of accumulated air miles that can give you scores of benefits when you book your flights; which includes getting upgraded to first class or even get free tickets to destinations. Registering on sites like Kayak or Momondo can give you updates about fantastic deals on immediate price drops, making your flight bookings a breeze.

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2. Look up couchsurfing options

Or even hostels and dorms! Affordable vacations don’t have to strip away the joy of travelling or give you the poorest amenities when you’re on the road. There are several hosts and fellow travellers around the world who welcome you into their homes and can give you a steal deal on the prices for your accommodation.

3. Think local

Because nobody knows a destination better than the resident of the city! Walk around your neighbourhood and strike up a conversation with people to discover the amazing spots in your vicinity. Travel brochures and travel groups will normally stick to the popular touristy spots around, but the locals will guide you to the cheaper and more sensible options for your needs, may it be food, transportation, or even shopping markets!

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4. Book in advance and travel off-season

Because airlines and hotel websites are known to set their prices unbelievably high during tourist season, and your budget will take a serious hit if you trod on the same path. It is also advisable to plan early and chalk your dates well in advance to avoid last minute hassles and expenses on your bookings.

Pro tip: Tuesdays are known to have the cheapest fares on hotels and flights, so you may want to look into that!

5. Opt for walking tours

Nearly every major destination has one, and they’re mostly led by experienced locals who know the lay of the land. This way, not only are you taking in the sights in the best way possible - on foot- but you’re saving a ton of money on other tour guides that charge you a bomb for the same.

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6. Learn to haggle

It is an underrated skill, but one that can save you the bucks on your trip. Ask around if bargaining is acceptable, particularly when you go shopping in the local markets, and if yes, earn the trust of a friendly vendor to get good deals on your souvenirs.

7. Be flexible!

The best things in life may be free, but everything comes at a price. If your budget is extremely important for you to adhere to, then be prepared to compromise on the finer things in life like a lavish queen-sized bed, or three perfectly nutritious meals a day. It can get a little tricky to master the art of budget travel in the first go but keep at it. It’s totally worth it!

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