13 Reasons Why 2017 Was One Major 90s Throwback!

13 Reasons Why 2017 Was One Major 90s Throwback!

Just like most things in life, fashion takes a full circle. Being a 90s kid and idolizing hoop earrings and platform heels on my favourite supermodels, it made me quite nostalgic to see some of the coolest trends make a comeback almost two decades later. Never did I think that I’ll live to see the day when these trends will be back and look cool(er) than ever! The return of these 90s trends is more than just a trend tbh.

From slip dresses to round sunglasses, some trends have made a grand entry and fashion girls just can’t seem to get enough of them. While all 90s trends that came back this year didn’t establish themselves the same way, it’s safe to say that 2017 was one major 90s throwback. Here are 13 reasons why…  

1. Printed Separates


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Printed satin separates were big in the nineties! We’re loving the new, more defined structure of the trend. After all, who doesn’t like to walk around in pyjamas all day?

2. Platform Heels

2 90s trends

Platform heels definitely got better since the last time. They’re also a great alternative to the classic stilettos when it comes to a girls’ night out. Don’t you think?

We’ve got our eyes on these white platform heels (Rs 1,977)

3. Slip Dresses


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Slip dresses are definitely amongst the most popular trends of the 90s. Now a classic, the slip dress is quite a versatile piece. Dress it up or dress it down, maybe make it’s your winter layering muse - the dress can be worn all year long.

Channel your inner Selena Gomez in this midi slip dress (Rs 1,699).

4. Neon Accents


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The neon trend got a cleaner and minimalistic update since the last time we checked. From shoes to swimsuits, werking this trend is a game we’d love to play!  

5. Round Sunglasses


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We’re loving how the round metal sunglasses are back in really cool accents. They speak 90s better than anything else!

Get yourself these round metal sunglasses (Rs 719) for a serious throwback!

6. Logo Tees


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This trend is seriously more wearable now than it ever was! Juicy Couture tracksuits and Tommy Hilfiger tees are proof that we’ll be seeing more of this trend.  

7. Matching Co-ords


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We’re so thankful for having this trend back in stores and in our closets. It’s one of those things that you wear and instantly feel like you’ve gone back in time!  

You’ll love this matching olive green co-ord set (Rs 1,299)

8. Pantsuits


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Remember Julia Roberts in her oversized pantsuit, back in the day? We like how it has evolved into more refined silhouettes.  

9. High Leg Swimsuits


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The leg baring silhouette might be a slightly challenging style to pull off, but it’s quite flattering tbh. Making your legs look longer than ever and cinching your waistline, this style is love!

10. Hoop Earrings

10 90s trends

The trend has moved past the basic metallic hoops to more elevated styles. Stronger than ever right now, this piece of jewellery is a must-have in your party starter pack!

Get these statement hoop earrings for just Rs 399!

11. Track Pants


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You can wear track pants literally anywhere right now and it’ll make a style statement. The only thing that’s changed in 2 decades is the name. It’s now called athleisure and it’s more than just a trend!  

12. Denim Jumpers  


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Thought denim jumpers were cute? That’s a really 90s way of thinking, we’d say. The trend is all about being sexy right now!

13. Choker Necklaces  

13 90s trends

Nope, they aren’t the same old tattoo chokers anymore. We’re seeing a more dainty and sophisticated version of them - and we love it!

This dainty safety pin choker necklace (Rs 219) is a great accessory for your everyday outfits!