8 Hilarious Thoughts We All Have While Waiting For Our Food To Get Delivered!

8 Hilarious Thoughts We All Have While Waiting For Our Food To Get Delivered!

You know what my phone wallpaper is? A quote that has now become my life’s motto, “People disappoint, but food is eternal”.  Because let's be honest- there is no sincerer love than the love for food. Every Friday, the second the clock strikes 6, all I want to do is get home, change into my nightsuit and order whatever my heart craves. Why I love ordering in? Because food is just a click away, delivered under 30 minutes and spares me the hassle of getting ready. So, if you find yourself in the same position where your Friday night is about ordering in food, then you will surely relate to these points while waiting for your delicious food to get delivered.

1. Mission accomplished

Look at me, being an adult. I ordered food and paid for it all by MYSELF. I communicated with other human beings and got my favorite dish. I am on top of the world because I can officially succeed in anything I set my heart on.

food to get delivered 1

2. Mad excitement

Its finally hitting me - my food is going to be here in no time. It's going to be warm and delicious and make me and my stomach really really happy. The only problem? All I  have to do is dance away until the delivery guy is there ringing the door bell.

3.  Nerve wrecking impatience

Now my mind is going into an overdrive thinking, “Why is it taking SO LONG? It's been forever”. I want my food now.

food to get delivered 3

4. Sudden paranoia

Wait - what if the order never got confirmed? What if my food doesn't get delivered? And the worst thing ever - what if they delivered it to my neighbour? No one would ever say no to free food.

5. All-consuming anger

So, I’ve checked, the order is confirmed. I put on pants for this food to be delivered, just where the hell is it?

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6. Lingering hope

Stay positive - good things happen to good people. Plus the restaurant folks practically know me because I  order in every second day, they won't betray me. I mean they SHOULDN’T.

7. Overwhelming excitement

The doorbell just rang and it's the delivery boy! You run in a way that will give Usain Bolt competition.

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8. Bliss

Heaven is a place on earth and that place is me on my bed just munching away.  Home delivery FTW!

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