15 Things Every Brutally Honest Person Knows To Be True!

15 Things Every Brutally Honest Person Knows To Be True!

When I was a child, I was told 'honesty is the best policy' and since I was generally an obedient one, except for my random bouts of rebellion, I decided to make it a way of life. But now that I'm an adult, turns out it wasn't the best decision after all. Adults aren't really fond of the cold hard truth, especially if served directly. If you're anything like me, you've offended too many people in your life by saying what you felt. Well, what can you do? You are an acquired taste! So here are 15 things only honest people will understand. 

1. What even is a brain-mouth filter?

Most people have, at one point, asked you to switch on the brain-mouth filter but you don't even know what that is. You say exactly what you think and well, that's that!

2. You may just have more haters than anybody else!

Not everyone understands your sarcasm and honesty which leads to you having more haters than most people. It's almost as if people don't want the truth, especially if it comes from someone else.

3. You're not offended when others do it to you!

Because you are okay giving your honest opinion, you don't mind getting some back either. After all, it's all for your benefit.

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4. You'd rather not say anything than lying!

If anyone ever asks me "How do I look?", I've learned to smile and nod is the best way out of the situation. The only people I will give my opinion to are the ones who can take it.

5. And your friends know a little too much about you.

Thanks to your honesty, your friends know a little too much about your life. And once you get into telling them things, you stop at nothing.

6. You express love using jibes and sarcasm.

You love to pass sarcastic comments and the only people you do it with regularly are your loved ones. And they feel so special when you do so because isn't that how you say 'I love you'!

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7. Everyone thinks you're mean and cold!

Because you are so honest, people just assume that you want to hurt them or you have no feelings. But you know that all you want to do is give some constructive criticism.

8. Mind games have never been your thing.

You've never been the one to play mind games. If you like someone, they'll know and if you dislike someone, they'll know too. Nobody, ever, is left guessing.

9. You may be able to control your tongue but your face... 

While you may have trained your tongue, you will never be able to train your face. Even if you say nothing, people will know exactly what you are feeling just by the myriad of expressions.

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10. Diplomacy is an art you'll NEVER master.

Diplo-what? You admire people who can say the most difficult things in a way that seems pleasing to the other person. In your head, they are true magicians and have the secret of the universe decoded.

11. Making friends can sometimes be a task!

Since you come on too strong, you find it hard to make new words. Most people are just intimidated by what you have to say.

12. You often thank your stars for the friends you do have!

Because once people get to know you, they know your honesty comes from a place of concern and then these people stick by you for life!

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13. Your honesty and opinions come from a good place. 

You're not honest to hurt people but to let them know what you think. The fact that you have a good heart sometimes gets lost in translation.

14. But you are everyone's go-to person for some real advice!

Because you will be the one giving them the truth nobody else would.

15. Even though they might not like to hear what you have to say!

Well, they asked for it! *sigh*

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