He Put A Ring On It? Here Are 11 Things You Need To Do After The Engagement!

He Put A Ring On It? Here Are 11 Things You Need To Do After The Engagement!

He popped the question. You said YES. And now the rings have been exchanged... Congratulations! You're engaged! Once the fact that you are someone’s fiancée has sunk in and you have the ring to flaunt, there are few other things that need to be done. Still confused? Fret not, here are a few things to do after your engagement! Trust us, this post engagement checklist is super important.

1. Celebrate with the fiancée

Take a moment and celebrate the special day with your fiancée. Even if you’ve both been dating for many years, the moment the rings get changed, you both would instantly feel even more in love with each other, we promise!

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2. Stop staring at the ring

Yes, your engagement is beautiful. But you need to stop staring at it now and take more pictures of it instead! How else do you plan to announce your enagagemnt to the world?

2 things to do after your engagement

3. Get your engagement ring resized is needed!

The engagemnt ring is beautiful but he might have gone wrong with the size of the same. Get your ring sized as soon as possible as a loose ring would not only be uncomfortable but could also lead to allergies and redness. Since it is going to be on your finger for life, you better get the size right.

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4. Announce it

After he has gone down on his knees and you have the engagement ring in your finger, you need to start informing your family and friends. And there is nothing like a good old phone call to tell the good news. Call your parents, his parents and your siblings to share the good news with them. The happiness of your engagement will increase manifold after you're done telling your nears and dears about it!

4 things to do after your engagement

5. Social media announcement

Once you’ve let your close family and your core friends circle know about the news, it is time to make an announcement of your engagement on social media. Choose your favourite shot and post it on social media. Let the world know you are now officially 'taken'!

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6. Ring Insurance

Keeping your most precious jewellery item protected is essential. It is important to get your engagement ring insured in time. Usually, the jeweller does it and would be the right person to give you more information about it.

6 things to do after your engagement

7. Paint your nails

The world is going to be looking at your hands, which means your nails have to be perfectly manicured and painted at all times. Pamper your nails with a manicure and get a nail polish colour which would make the engagement ring look even more beautiful on your hand.

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8. Proposal story on repeat

After your engagement, be prepared to keep repeating your proposal story to your loved ones. All your relatives and friends would continue asking you your love and proposal story again and again and you would have to keep repeating the same story to each one of them.

8 things to do after your engagement

9. Engagement Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer and get an engagement photo shoot done. You could even include your pets in this photoshoot and make the photos even cuter and special.

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10. Accept the new phase

Post your engagement, once the ring is there on your finger, you become a fiancé and get a new set of parents. Give them all your love and respect and become the one who makes your family (and his family), one big happy bunch!

10 things to do after your engagement

11. Daydream

Watch Father of the Bride again and again and buy lots of wedding magazines. Let your brain turn into a wedding Pinterest board and start collecting all the ideas and things you have in mind for your OWN wedding. It’s finally time for you to live your dream and it is totally okay to dream about it! The engagement is done girlie, time to plan for the big day now!

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