One Face, Many Hairstyles - We’re In Love With The Shape Edition

One Face, Many Hairstyles -  We’re In Love With The Shape Edition

If there’s one thing that we have resolved to take with us in 2018, it’s our obsession for hair. We are always looking for new ideas to add some jazz to our hairdosfrom trending styles to intel on how to keep every last strand in place. And just when we thought we were falling short, TRESemmé shared a video, called The Shape Edition, that made us go “Ahh…” collectively and inspired us anew. Curls? Yes, please!

The video is everything that we love about hairstyling: The fun, the glamour, the drama.

Imagine if all your salon appointments were like this: a handsome man juggling sprays, peppy music mixing it up with the sounds of blow-drying and women flipping their hair for the camera after a fab session with the stylist. Would you really leave this heaven?

Picking out the best products for our hair, getting that head-turning haircut and showing off the runway-ready look...our love affair with our hair really knows no bounds. If you’re like us, too, then watch the hair anthem of the season that resonates with all of us and try that perm that you’ve been saving for a special time! Oh, and don’t stop yourself from breaking into a jig while you’re at it.

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*This is a sponsored post for TRESemmé