Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Women Who Had Sex Under The Mistletoe!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Women Who Had Sex Under The Mistletoe!

1. Christmas Is Coming

I love Christmas! Everything about it is so exciting, from the decorations and food to the fact that you get to meet your friends and family. My Christmas was exciting indeed, when I bumped into a childhood friend and honestly, couldn’t keep my eyes off him. And I had seen him eyeing me across the room as well. He’d grown into an attractive man in his 20s and there was no holding me back. On Christmas Eve, while the rest of the house was asleep, I followed him to the kitchen and found him under the mistletoe hanging at the door. “Oh look, it means you need to kiss me now. Or are you in the mood for more?” He looks baffled for a second, only to realise that this was exactly what I had wanted. His expression changed and his eyes seared into my soul. Holding me by my waist, he pulled me closer and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. “I’ve been waiting years to have you right here.” And he did, have me. Right next to the Christmas tree. Our clothes were off in seconds as his mouth made its way to my moist core. As we came together, it indeed turned into a Merry Christmas.

01 sex under the mistletoe

2. Naughty or Nice?

The most beautiful time of the year was here, and the spirit of Christmas lent its lingering presence everywhere to everything around. I was just giving the finishing touches to the decorations in the hall, when he walked in, carrying the extra set of fairy lights I’d asked him to buy. “Oh look..mistletoe”, he said, as he spotted the spring in my hand, and kissing me softly, led me to our couch in the living room. What started out as an innocent peck, soon made its way to passionate kisses, as my hands made their way to fondle the straining bulge in his pants. “Ooh someone’s been naughty this year”, I whispered as he grinned with mischief and pulled off my Christmas sweater with lustful longing. As we lay still shuddering and breathless from our wild lovemaking sesh, he rolled over to my side, held me close, and said: “Looks like it’s going to be a very merry Christmas, indeed!”

02 sex under the mistletoe

3. Early Morning Surprise

Christmas is a big deal for both of us. We love the whole feel of it - the midnight gift exchanging, indulging in hot chocolate, plum cakes and just decorating our place. I woke up on Christmas morning to him sitting on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand and a book in the other. “There’s more in the kitchen for you,” he said. Sitting down next to him, I kissed him. What was an innocent kiss suddenly turned into so much more? Slipping his hands into my pajama top, he whispered: “Let’s make Christmas extra fun” before unhooking my bra from under my Christmas jumper. I laughed as I quickly removed his bottoms. Lying on the sofa later, while I was still trying to come back fully to my senses, he pointed out that we were right under the mistletoe before kissing me again.

03 sex under the mistletoe

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