Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Tales Of Couples Who Love Sex!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Tales Of Couples Who Love Sex!

1. Pent Up Sexual Tension

We’d just began dating and within a week, he had to leave town for a project. But the sexual tension between us was too intense for even phone sex to relieve. So, when he finally decided to visit, I cleared my calendar. No lunches, no social commitments, this winter it was just him and I. As soon as he entered through my door, we were on the bed in second, peeling off layers of clothes and frantically kissing each other. Just as I was about to reach the bedside drawer for a condom, he took one out of his pocket (glad we were on the same page). We came together too soon, the bundle of nerves that we had become staying away from each other. But that was followed by round two, thankfully lasting longer. As we began watching a movie in bed, both naked and consciously aware of each other, our hands found soft spots and began teasing. I had never been this aroused in a matter of minutes. It’s safe to say that both his and my pack of condoms were satisfyingly used, that weekend might have been one of the most fruitful one I’ve ever had.

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2. Get A Room, Guys

I admit, I can’t keep my hands off him or his little soldier. We’d met at a party and, not surprisingly, slept together the same night. The kind of chemistry between us was palpable and the whole room felt it and the sex, the sex was just mind-blowing, toe-curlingly amazing. But for us, somehow, one night wasn’t enough. Two days later, he called me for more and I was more than ready to give him exactly everything he wanted. It’s been eight months since this happened and we’re still the same - two teenagers madly in lust. We’ve gone from friends with benefits to a couple, but neither of us has still accepted our feelings. Status quo is working for us right now! Maybe I’ll marry this one if he guarantees me lifetime of sex this amazing!

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3. Nights Of Lust and Longing

We had told ourselves that we won’t let sex, or the lack of it, come in between our schedules as we worked in different cities. But with hectic routines and work pressure, it became very convenient for us to lash out at each other on the phone and quarrel constantly even during the day. We had four days of a long weekend planned to visit a new destination to give us some time to reconnect, and as the first night of the trip grew closer, he spontaneously ditched our dinner reservations, and made love to me until dawn, where we both lay spent and exhausted in the light of the rising sun. It’s safe to say that three nights of champagne, chocolate and strawberries, couple spa treatments, and skimpy lingerie had both of us moaning, and panting on each other with raw and primal sexual longing - a vacation that we should have taken a long time ago!

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