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Sister of The Bride Outfit Idea, Bridesmaid Look 2017

Sister of The Bride Outfit Idea, Bridesmaid Look 2017

According to me, the sister of the bride makes the wedding preps come alive!! My sister and I have been best friends for life and I wouldn’t lie but I really was her absolute bridesmaid at her wedding and if only bridesmaid were glorified in those times (2011 precisely) then I would have broken the internet will all the maddening things I did for her. Whether it was about finding the right colored chooda for her, or the Jodha Akbar nath in the year she got married or leading the dancing preps or even making an adult cake at home for her bachelorette – I did it all. And when my time came, well….she got preggers! But since she has been always over enthusiastic about wedding shopping and planning, she did what she could for me! This is how important the sister of the bride really is and that’s why my today’s look is like an ode to the best bridesmaid featuring some outfit ideas that the bride’s sister can steal for the big family celebrations!

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Published on Dec 13, 2017
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