Shenaz Treasury Joins India's Largest Influencer Platform, Plixxo & We Are Super Excited

Shenaz Treasury Joins India's Largest Influencer Platform, Plixxo & We Are Super Excited

If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll know her. She has been a girl crush for everyone who has grown up watching MTV. Shenaz Treasurywala became everyone’s favourite when she made her Bollywood debut in the movie Ishq Vishq, opposite Shahid Kapoor. From VJing to acting, her journey has been inspiring. She is also a part of a really cool Hollywood movie, The Big Sick, that has got great reviews from critics around the world. And now that she has joined Plixxo as a ‘Plixxo Superstar,’ we are doubly excited.

Just for all you fangirls out there, we caught up with the talented actress and influencer and talked about her life and works.

1. Which is your favourite place to travel in the world?

It’s hard to think of just one city or country. Every place is special to me in its own way. However, my favourite destinations this year have been Greece, Maldives, and Copenhagen, while my all-time favs are Thailand and Bali.

2. We loved you in Ishq Vishq. Were you like that in college IRL?

Haha! Nope, not at all :) I wasn’t walking around the college singing ‘Har Dhadkan Ko Meri Tamanna, Labon Ko Meri Pyaas, Sab Hai Mere Ishq Mein Pagal Sab Ko Meri Talaash.’ Wouldn’t that be funny if I had though? But I was, in fact, very shy and quiet and didn’t have too many friends in college.

3. If there was one dish you’d have to eat all your life, what would you pick?

South Indian fish curry rice, masala dosas, Korean tofu stew with brown rice, salmon, sweet potatoes. The list can actually go on. I’m a big foodie!

4. How was the transformation from a telly VJ to a big screen actor?

Not too smooth really, because the press in those days didn’t accept VJs-turned-actors. At that time, only Miss India’s could be actors.

5. What is your message for every girl who wants to be a VJ?

I would tell them to be real, just try to be yourself.

6. A quote that describes your life?

Collect Moments, NOT THINGS! Life is a daring adventure. If not now, then when?

7. How does it feel to be a travel influencer? Where are you off to next?

Everyone thinks being an actor is the dream. But since I started doing this a year ago, I can’t think of anything that could be better. Life has become one big adventure and I couldn’t be happier! My next destination is always a secret. I usually don’t know it myself.

8. How has travelling changed your life?

I’ve been travelling ever since I was age zero, I kid you not! Even in my mom's womb, I was seeing the world. For me, to live is to travel. I just can’t be in one place all the time.

9. Finally, some words of wisdom for all our readers?

Work, save, travel, repeat.

Welcome to Plixxo, Shenaz. We are really excited to have you!

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