I Tried Sex Toys In Bed And Rated Them From ‘Nope’ To ‘Dope!’

I Tried Sex Toys In Bed And Rated Them From ‘Nope’ To ‘Dope!’

Remember the last time you were moaning and gasping for breath in your bed, his powerful grip and sensual touch blazing your skin with a sexual electricity so powerful, you could feel even the sweaty bodies of your lovemaking writhing with pleasure? I know I do. The experience left me weak in the knees (literally) for days after it happened, and while I was ecstatic, I couldn’t help but wonder: how about we mix things up a little?

Being open to experimenting in the bedroom, and eager to discover a whole new side to us that was still unchartered territory when it came to sex, my boyfriend and I decided we’d give some sex toys a try, and see if it gave us any new kinky habits to look forward to in the future. A little nervous, but mostly excited, we kept all our inhibitions and doubts aside, and proceeded to answer the good old questions: Sex toys - Yay or Nay?

1. Handcuffs

If there’s one sex toy that has been mentioned way too many times in erotica, both literature, and movies, is a pair of sexy handcuffs, when used right. This was a sex toy that I couldn’t wait to test out to see if it really lived up to all the hype!

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1 sex toys - handcuffs

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: YES! Oh god, yes! I didn’t know the idea of being sexually submissive would be such a thrilling head rush. Not only was it enjoyable for me, my boyfriend was sensually charged and ready to go the second the handcuffs clicked into position to my bedpost! I would definitely recommend handcuffs to couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom, every now and then!

2. Strap-on/ Dildo

This was definitely more intriguing than sexy for me because I couldn’t really get why heterosexual women, would opt for a phallic sex toy that resembled a penis when they could have the real thing. Maybe just for experiments’ sake?

2 sex toys - strap on and dildo

Rating: 4/10

Verdict: Personally, it wasn’t as phenomenal or mind-blowing as regular old-fashioned sex with a penis. However, I will agree that the strap on was more versatile than a penis, when it came to different sex positions. For those couples who have their reservations about trying out positions, that could be unattainable if you aren’t a gifted contortionist in bed, a strap-on is the perfect sex toy to get to those pleasure spots easily. Fun for me, not so much for my boyfriend.

3. Vibrator

Also called as ‘sexy alone time’, because all a woman really needs to have a good time is mood music, dim lights, and her favourite toy! But is the experience any different with your significant other helping you out this time?

3 sex toys - vibrator orgasm

Rating: 10/10

Verdict: Nirvana. Seventh heaven. Cloud nine. Sexual bliss. I wish I had more words to declare how a vibrator is mankind’s gift to women around the world, because ‘Oh my god!’ doesn’t begin to cover it! Every woman has her own sexual preference, and no offense to a man’s penis, but personally, a clitoral orgasm is what I’ve always loved more than a penal one, and this toy can make me moan like nothing else. Again, I’d vouch for this being my favourite, but for the boyfriend...it was not even close.

4. Edible underwear

Lingerie is tried, tested, and proven to heighten sexual chemistry in the sheets. While aesthetics can’t make or break a sexual experience, eye candy can really help light the spark and ignite the flames of passion...especially if you’re wearing lingerie that can be eaten right off the sweet, soft spots of your body. *wink*

4 sex toys - edible lingerie

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: What a way to be surprised in the bedroom! It’s such a shame that our hands and fingers don’t get as much attention as our lips and tongue do because get them all together, and you have shuddering arousals that are hard to satiate and oh god, such a tease! The perfect move to incite passion in both, you and your partner, I vouch for edible underwear as the ideal sex toy for couples everywhere. Chocolate, candy, and soft, supple skin - the recipe for sexual fantasy right there!

Overall thoughts: This may sound selfish, but all these sex toys do cater more to the woman than the man in sexual scenarios, and I do love that fact. However, it brings a lot of trust and personal bond into the relationship when you have your partner right there with you while experimenting with these because your intimacy is heightened with the one you love.

In conclusion, do go ahead and try sex toys once, if not make it your go-to sexcapade. Who knows, together you may just find the sweet spot you never knew existed?

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