15 Quotes For The Girl Who Just Got Her Heart Broken

15 Quotes For The Girl Who Just Got Her Heart Broken

Words travel far and wide, holding the power to mend what was broken and heal what has been hurt. Words help us cope with the chaos that torment our minds in various ways. And often, we find a sense of solace in poetry. With poets like Rupi Kaur, Atticus and Nikita Gill taking Instagram by storm, we’ve clearly ushered in a new generation of poets that might have been inspired by the likes of a Frost, or a Yeats; but have taken on their own paths. Here are some of the most beautiful sad quotes from Instagram poets that heal, or at the very least, soothe the broken heart.  

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1. Empower Your Heart


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2. Embrace The Truth

3. Forgive The Pain


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4. Let Yourself Heal


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5. Accept Your Flaws

6. But Don’t Sell Yourself Short


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7. You Are Not Your Mistakes


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8. You Will Love Again

9. You Are Whole


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10. You Are Not Alone


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11. You Deserve More


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12. Find A New Track


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13. Make New Memories

14. Just Breathe


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15. And Cherish Your Story

Stay strong, girls!


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