9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Text The Guy Who Broke Your Heart

9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Text The Guy Who Broke Your Heart

Breakups are hard. But you know what’s worse? The aftermath. You do crazy things to get over… like calling or texting your ex boyfriend, and you delude yourself with reasons like: “It’s just for old times sake.” I say, abort mission. I repeat - abort mission right now! Because, any form of communication with an ex, (text or call) no matter how innocuous you make it, can still be harmful, because of the following reasons! It’s a fleeting phase and you will get over it and you won't even have to go through a million how to get over your relationship manuals .Promise!

1. Because it ended for a reason

And no matter how complicated that reason is, you just don’t want to decipher it. It’s not worth your time! So, make sure you utilise that energy elsewhere.

1 reasons to not text your ex

2. Don’t give him an upper hand

That one minute of satisfaction when you text him and he knows that you’re thinking about him. You just don't have to give it to him. SO. NOT. WORTH. IT.

3. He is not worth it

If he was, he would have shown a sign. He is clearly not thinking about you. So, don't even bother!

4. You’re only going to undermine yourself

It always feels bad to make the first move especially when you know that nothing good is going to come out of it

4 reasons to not text your ex

5. You don’t want to know what he is up to

You’re clearly thinking about him and you will hate to see him moving on with ease. Don’t do it.

6. Messaging/calling him means you think you deserve it

Talking to him again means that you think you deserve only this. But you deserve so much more and that is what you need to remind yourself. So, don't text him!

7. It will never be a happy conversation

Very few people have it in them to have a happy conversation post the relationship is over. What’s the point of contacting someone when you know it’s not going to give you anything in return?

7 reasons to not text your ex

8. It is just going to delay the process of getting over

You must have spent a couple of days trying to get over this ex. But if you call him again, you’re going to go back to where you started. Think about it.

9. You’re pushing away any possibilities of moving on with someone

If you talk to this guy, your mind is still stuck with him which gives you zero possibilities to think about someone else and that’s just bad. Really bad!

I repeat once again, ABORT MISSION!

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