7 Reasons Why You Should Intern At A Startup At Least Once In Your Life

7 Reasons Why You Should Intern At A Startup At Least Once In Your Life

Every company starts small, and grows with the love and hard work of every employee who has been a part of its journey. From Google to Amazon to even POPxo, we all began on a small scale, as a startup and have since then expanded and developed into a company that is proud of its ethics and work environment. There is something so intimately fulfilling about working in a close knit business that considers you to be a valuable addition to its workforce. If you are undecided about taking that leap of faith and interning at a startup, here are 7 reasons to say ‘yes’ to that offer.

1. Freedom To Make Your Own Calls

When you’re interning at a startup you actually have the freedom to make your own calls, especially if you are assisting the core team. Since the number of people working in the company are comparatively few, your opinions are concerned valuable, despite the fact that you are a temporary member, your fresh set of eyes are appreciated.

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2. A Lot More Opportunities

Since you’re with a close knit group, you will end up going for meetings with big clients, important seminars, photography shoots, which will, overall, give you great exposure and look excellent on your resume.

3. Also Means More Responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibility! The fact that you are in charge of situations also means that you are answerable if things go wrong, you are more likely to be given big tasks at a startup. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, also means you’ll learn from your mistakes.

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4. Casual Creative Atmosphere

There is something so exhilarating about interning at a startup, for once you don’t have to dress up to work. Shorts in summers and pyjamas in winters are perfectly acceptable workwear. Also, foosball tables, bean bags, board games during ‘thinking breaks’ are underrated.

5. Sense Of Satisfaction

You actually get the credit for the work you do! Because you aren’t just another employee, you have a direct channel of communication with the founder of the startup and will always be appreciated for the extra hours you put in.

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6. A Chance To Make A Change

Most startups today have a cause attached to them, and due to your one on one equation with the founder, you invariably make a change. Which feels amazing! It’ll also help you decide if you want to return to the startup as a full-time employee.  

7. Company Culture

Your co-workers become your family, you have no definite work hours and you more than often end up ordering pizzas together to curb those midnight hunger pangs. Overtime isn’t just about work, it’s about the attachment you have to the company and the hard work your team puts in everyday. You’ll also take away some resourceful and interesting friends for this internship.

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