8 Reasons Living Alone Isn’t As Easy As It Looks!

8 Reasons Living Alone Isn’t As Easy As It Looks!

Moving out of home is a huge step, you learn the importance of your family and friends and understand the concept of being an adult. But let me tell you a secret, living alone is overrated! Of course, you don’t have anyone questioning your decisions…though it isn’t always what you need. Those weekends when your friends tell you they need some ‘family time’ is when you realize that you have none around. So you make yourself a hot chocolate, get into your favorite blanket and watch a romantic movie that’s sure to end in tears (or maybe that’s just me).

Either way, if you’re someone who lives alone, I’m sure you can relate to these nightmare situations that prove my point!

1. Burgers Lose Their Charm

Remember the time when junk food was the prize you got for being good? When you are living alone, there is a role reversal. Junk food replaces your normal diet and you crave for the weekends when you can probably take some time out to cook yourself a warm satisfying meal or maybe just run back home?

01 living alone

2. Too Much Alone Time

As someone who honestly loves watching TV with my family on Saturday nights, that’s one part of being back home that I miss the most. Spending time by yourself can be fulfilling and all that jazz, but god knows a bustling noisy house is any day better than an empty apartment.

3. With Great Freedom…

…comes great responsibility (not the exact quote, I know). You can stay out all night because there is nobody worrying about you back home but you know if you throw up in your sheets, you’re gonna have to change them yourself next morning. Which partially takes the joy out of it. Sometimes you want to be a child, a little pampering heals the soul. Being an adult can take a toll. 

03 living alone

4. Money Honey

No extravagant dinners, no movies in the theatre, no shopping sprees. Why? Because you’re on a budget that has to last you the month. You may lose control and splurge once in a month, but buying groceries is a task and I learned that the hard way.

5. Independence Is A Scam

It’s true! Being an adult is so overrated, I’m 5’1 and my tiny body can’t handle the stress of functioning without parental supervision. But you eventually get the hang of it, learn how to do your laundry and eat meals at regular intervals without being asked to.

05 living alone

6. Being Healthy Turns Into A Myth

Fruits and veggies are important for your body! But if mom isn’t around to remind you, you’re most likely to forget. Also, if you do end you up falling sick, you’ll have to visit the doctor all alone and explain what’s wrong. Oh, the horror!

7. Self Love Is Difficult

Falling in love with yourself can be a task, falling in love with yourself without having anybody to talk to, can be worse. You do eventually go out and make friends, the initial phase, however, takes a toll on you.

07 living alone

8. BFFs Are AWOL

Your closest group of advisors and counselors have been left behind. And making conscious efforts to Facetime and text each other might not work out all the time. That’s how you end up with ordered-in Chinese on a Saturday night!

Stay strong, girls!