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Join The #PlixxoSecretSanta Campaign For *The Best* Christmas Of Your Life!

Join The #PlixxoSecretSanta Campaign For *The Best* Christmas Of Your Life!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… Santa Claus is coming to town riding on his sleigh, hey!

Ah! It’s our favourite time of the year full of merry, joy and everything red. And there’s a big Christmas surprise from Plixxo for our influencer family. We have 8 #PlixxoSuperBloggers who can’t wait to drop by your chimney with bags of gifts and wishes. How you ask? Well, since Santa can’t be everywhere, he sent some of his best Secret Santas to spread the Christmas cheer.

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All you’ve to do to be on his ‘good list’ is be someone’s Secret Santa and one of your favourite Super Bloggers might just end up being yours (not kidding!) But there are two rules:

Rule 1: Be someone’s Secret Santa and look for a Christmas gift for them.

Rule 2: Get your picture clicked facing the camera directly, holding the packed gift, and upload it to your Instagram with the hashtags - #PlixxoSecretSanta #ChristmasWithPlixxo

And that’s it! We’ll pair 8 participants with the best entries with our 8 *super special* Secret Santas. Want to know who they are?

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1. Kritika Khurana from (@thatbohogirl)


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2. Aakriti Rana Gill from (@aakritiranagill)


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3. Devina Malhotra from (@guiltybytes)


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4. Sarang Patil from (@heisgotthestyle)


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5. Aashna Shroff from (@aashnashroff)


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6. Shivesh Bhatia from (@shivesh17)


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7. Cherry Jain from (


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8. And Sejal Kumar (@sejalkumar1195)


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Here’s All You Need To Know:

- Be a secret Santa to someone you love.

- Look for a gift for them and decorate it a little. You can add a ribbon, a bow, or even a Santa cap to your gift wrap.

- Get a picture clicked of yourself facing the camera, holding the gift. Please ensure that there is at least one Christmas element in the picture other than the gift and that the gift and your face are clearly visible in the image. Eg: a Christmas sweater, wearing a Santa hat.

- It must be a freshly uploaded picture on Instagram. Submitting an old picture from your Instagram will be considered an invalid entry.

- Post it on your Instagram with hashtags - #PlixxoSecretSanta #ChristmasWithPlixxo

- Tag 5 friends in your post.

- Don’t forget to submit your content on Plixxo.

- Make sure you follow @plixxo on Instagram.

So get ready to be pampered with personalised gifts, and a lot of love by none other than our #PlixxoSuperBloggers! The campaign ends on 21st December, Thursday, so get on Plixxo right away!