Because She Is Special: Personalized Accessories For The Bride And Where To Buy Them!

Because She Is Special: Personalized Accessories For The Bride And Where To Buy Them!

You’re the bride and everything about you should shout out that message, loud and clear! But apart from having that gorgeous bridal glow and also turning into a bridezilla every now and then, what is it that can broadcast the good news in a subtle yet sweet manner? Enter, easy breezy, personalized accessories, of course. As a bride, you are totally allowed to go overboard with a few things - especially when it comes to declaring your’ bride-to-be’ status. Here is a list of some cool personalized bridal accessories and where to get them. Make note!

1. Bathrobe baby

1 personalized bridal accessories

This is the first thing in our list, because well, priorities. This one bathrobe with ‘bride’ written on the back is a must-have for every dulhan-to-be. You can use it during your pre-wedding shoot, or while getting ready on your big day. Totes cool.

You can buy a beautiful personalized one from Etsy For Rs 1,500 (approx)

Oh well! Now that you’re getting married, your besties deserve some of your love too! Give them these personalized gifts that they will totes love!

2. Hangers are a must!

2 personalized bridal accessories

Getting the wedding outfit photographed is the newest trend these days, and we are so not complaining. But to amp up all those gorgeous lehenga shots, you need a pretty clothes hanger customized with either your name or ‘bride’ carved on it. Great idea, trust us!

Buy this really pretty one from LoveThisStuff for only Rs 599!

3. Coz your phone needs to say it too...

3 personalized bridal accessories 

Your phone is one thing, which no-matter-what, shaadi or no shaadi, always stays with you. You can never leave your phone alone and so you need to dress it up before your wedding too. Show off your bride-to-be status with a cover that says it.

Buy this stunning pink one from Amazon for just Rs 475.

4. Jewellery galore!

4 personalized bridal accessories

Get a cute personalized pendant that shouts out your bridal status to the world. Take a cue from Carrie Bradshaw and instead of your name, get ‘bride’ written on any piece of jewellery, a bracelet, hand harness or a pendant. Totally up to you.

You can get personalized jewellery on Orosilber, and the best part is, you can actually choose the design, material and size yourself. How cool is that!

5. Pataka dulhan juttis, anyone?

5 personalized bridal accessories

No kidding, but any bridal outfit is absolutely incomplete without cutesy personalized juttis with ‘pataka dulhan’ written on them. It’s a raging trend with brides these days. But if for some reason, you’re not a jutti person, then you can just get a pair of comfy personalized room slippers with the same thing printed on them. Win-win situation, much?

5a personalized bridal accessories

You can get the juttis on Jivaana for Rs 1,800. You can also get the personalized slippers from LoveThisStuff for Rs 500, just in case.

6. A bride needs her good night sleep

6 personalized bridal accessories 

We don’t need to tell you just how important your beauty sleep is. But we’d definitely remind you to wear a fabulous eye mask while you’re at it. One that’s personalized especially for the special person - you!

You can customize and buy a cutesy one from DreamsCoutured starting at Rs 550.

7. Make-up bag shenanigans

7 personalized bridal accessories

A make-up bag is something you will always, always need, and personalized accessories are something no girl can ever get enough of. But, rather than customizing it with ‘bride’ written on it, it’s a much better idea to get your name or initials engraved on it. Great idea for when you want to give that personalized touch to your bridal accessories.

P.S. These can be really great ideas for some personalized gifts for the bride. Get her one (or all!) of these, and rest assured, she’ll be one happy bride!

Featured Image: Shutterdown Photography