6 Weddings In 2017 That Broke The Internet For NOT Following Stereotypes!

6 Weddings In 2017 That Broke The Internet For NOT Following Stereotypes!

Your wedding should be anything but ordinary. But with all the social media frenzy and ostentatious display of ‘trending’ elements, weddings are losing their personal touch. But there are still a fearless few who prefer to do their own thing instead of following the crowd. And the year 2017 saw a lot of weddings that redefined norms and made us sit up and applaud! There were weddings that set new trends, brides who were not afraid to be ‘unsanskari’ and celebs who took the internet by storm with their unconventional choices. Let’s take a look!

1. You don’t have to invite the entire world for your shaadi!

We are talking about the Virushka wedding! It is rumoured that the fairytale wedding was kept under wraps for at least a year from the media. The star couple hosted their hush-hush wedding in a private resort in Tuscany and only invited a select few for their nuptials. This not only gave them a chance to avoid the paparazzi but also proved that intimate weddings are just as gorgeous.

2. When bride Hansika Chandiramani challenged patriarchy and organized her own baraat!

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When Hansika Chandiramani got married, she truly wanted to break norms and so she did by having her own baraat! Yes, it is true; A band of 6 women played the dhol as Hansika and her family danced their way to the wedding venue. Dressed in a pink lehenga and LED sneakers, she sure inspired many Indian women to follow suit.

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3. … And got her entire wedding sponsored!

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Yes! The bindaas bride had no qualms in ‘selling her wedding’ which had potential brands and advertisers sponsor the entire wedding! She even wore a rented bridal outfit on her wedding day not because she couldn’t afford it but because she felt extremely vile on having to “spend lakhs on a designer outfit for just wearing it once.” Now that’s a badass bride!

4. When bride Avantika Singh chose to go sans make-up on her wedding day!

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Image Source: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

In a day and age where brides spend thousands on make-up artists, this pretty here decided to go make-up free on one of the most treasured days of her life! Avantika had never favoured make-up and the illusion that it created. She instead preferred to look natural and let go off the greasepaint, which definitely accentuated her inner bridal glow from within. Such a daring choice… Hat’s off!

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5. When a bride traded a cheesy wedding video for a dance with her bridesmaids on her wedding day!

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Now no offence to wedding videos, we love each one of them. But recently they have become such a rage, that every video looks as similar as the other. To give all the cheesy poses and the background Bollywood songs a break, bride Amisha Bhardwaj chose to shoot a getting ready video with her bridesmaids in tow. Dressed in shorts, the bride created ripples across the country and still inspires many other brides to wear their heart on their sleeve even on their wedding day.

6. When this couple ditched a lavish wedding and donated money to charity instead.

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Image Source: India Today

Not all weddings have to be all hoo haa! At least Manoj Patil and Sarita Laykar thought so. The Mumbai based cops turned social workers ditched a lavish wedding ceremony and instead saved up the money, only to donate it to charity. The couple donated as much as Rs 2 lakhs to charity to make us all believe that all weddings need not be grand to be the talk of the town.

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