Move Over Florals & Pinwheels, These Cool New Wedding Trends We Saw On Insta Are SO LIT!

Move Over Florals & Pinwheels, These Cool New Wedding Trends We Saw On Insta Are SO LIT!

Times have changed! Weddings are no longer just about elaborate buffets, exotic fruits and food counters that seem more dressed up than the bride herself. There are things beyond food that can make your guests drool and make your wedding a truly hatke affair. From personalized details to quirky decor and cute quotes, here’s everything we spotted on Instagram this week. Trust us, you’ll LOVE these ideas!

1. Swag wali Sneaker!


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Show some swag on your wedding day with these quirky sneakers painted in a bright combination of pink and yellow with a fun message, ‘Banno Tera Swagger’. Slip in these shoes and be a hatke bride.


You can buy these amazing pair of quirky sneakers on Poshampa for just Rs 2,000

2. Customized blouse


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Get yourself a customized blouse just like this girl did for her sister’s sangeet. No better way to surprise your darling sister by some cool messages on your outfits, right?

3. Beer bottles decor

Don’t discard the beer bottles, use them as a decor instead! Hang it around with lights and flowers of your choice. Put nice lights in the bottles and let it shine out.


Buy this cool decorative beer bottle on Flipkart for just Rs 325

4. Masquerade masks


Masquerade masks are never a bad idea! Put those on for your sangeet, one which your guests will reminisce for a long time.

5. Sweet notes

The best things in life are sweet and hence they need to be done a bit differently. Come up with cool and quirky captions to place it on the food table. You’ll definitely leave your guests stunned.


Get this beautiful Multicolor Wild Flower Artificial Flower with Pot on Flipkart for Rs 539

6. Mint cravings!

Someone just said it right - some couples are just mint (Pun Intended) to be. Who would know mint bowls could be so delightful?!

7. Cocktail decor

Jazz up the cocktail table for your guests to dip into the mood and swing along with you at your wedding. Put some crazy but cute notes on the table with some nice candles and flowers for that extra prettiness!.


Deck up your cocktail table with these Pencil Decorative Candles available on Amazon for Rs 170

8. Ring on a macaroon?

Calling all foodie brides! You know he’s the one when he gets the ring on a macaroon for you, right? You will be blown. We are already!


9. Heard of a flybar, yet?


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Sounds interesting, isn’t it? The theme is such that it calls for some kickass mocktails stocked in mason jars with a tap and a theme of birds and butterflies around. How cool is that? Who would have thought of hanging kettles for decor? We dig!


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