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Mouni Roy's Cute Moments With Karanvir Bohra's Babies Is Every Maasi EVER

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A maasi is probably the best thing to happen to all of us. Whenever mom and dad said no, don't we all remember turning to our maasi? And if you're a girl, you'll probably also remember being dressed pretty, and being cuddled all day long when your mom was too busy running errands at a family wedding. Now if you're wondering why we are bringing this up, is because we came across Mouni Roy being the ideal 'maasi' with Karanvir Bohra's babies - Bella and Vienna. 

In case you missed, Bella and Vienna are the fraternal twins of television actors Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu. Their adorable good looks and charm have made them an internet sensation which is evident from their crazy fan following on their Instagram account Twin Baby Diaries. Yes, you heard that right. Bella and Vienna have their own social media account! 


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Now, at Aashka Goradia's wedding, it seems Karanvir Bohra and Teejay were a little occupied with wedding festivities; after all it was their close friend's wedding! However, they didn't have to worry a tad bit about their two little munchkins because they were in the safe custody of their maasi, Mouni Roy. At Aashka Goradia's wedding, the two babies Vienna and Bella were seen being cuddled and fed by a loving Mouni Roy. Her picture and the captions tell you more! 


BELLA - Look who's here! Mouni Masi is here at the wedding! What a surprise! 😃 My Mom said why is it such a surprise? She should be here - she, Aashka Masi and my Dad all worked on the snake show - they're all friends. Oh yes! That's right! 🙈 I even went to their shoot and saw them all there! But I'm small - and babies sometimes forget stuff and get surprised. :) Today I tried sugar-cane juice for the first time, just a few drops. Mouni Masi let me. ;) If my Mom asks, I'll say I was just smelling it! ;) But she'll know, she always knows. I'll have to tell her the truth. I don't think she'll be mad. Juice is good for you, right? :) #weddingdiaries #babygirl breshkaweds #babydiaries #katespade #babylove

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VIENNA - Here's all of us at our Masi's wedding. :) My sister and I were part of the bridal party. Everyone had to get blue #dresses made - but our Seep Masi got us nice blue ones, so we said we'll wear our own! :) Our Mom said, 'Will you walk down the aisle and throw #flower petals?' We said, 'No, we might get tired. We want to sit with you and Daddy.' So we were not REAL #flowergirls, just pretend ones. 😊 We watched from the front and gave #blessings. :) This was our first #wedding in #India. We were part of someone's happiest day. And that felt nice. :) But we're just wondering, why does our #Dad look so sun-tanned? 🤔 #breshkaweds @instadiamond55 #katespade #twins #babygirl #babylove #babydiaries

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However, it wasn't the first time Mouni Roy has shared a maasi-bhanji moment with the twins. She often showers them with surprise visits and gifts. In fact, she even has cute nicknames for the toddlers- Nonu and Miko! How cute! Isn't Mouni Roy the bestest maasi ever?!

We're so jealous of Bella and Vienna!

Bella and Vienna are such adorable babies that they are making us feel clucky. For more pictures of our favourite TV stars, check out Aashka Goradia's wedding

Well, Bella and Vienna are adorbs and much love to all the Maasis out there!

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Published on Dec 08, 2017
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