Are Your A Minimalist Like Cherry Or A Maximalist? Find Out Your Style!

Are Your A Minimalist Like Cherry Or A Maximalist? Find Out Your Style!

There are two types of people in the world - tea or coffee; cheesy fries or fries with ketchup; pizza lovers or ‘there’s something wrong with them’ people. Similarly, in the ever-changing world of fashion, you have: minimalists and maximalists. No, minimalism doesn’t mean boring. It’s an aesthetic of looking your stylish best with less. Yes, maximalism means extra! But that doesn’t mean wearing more. Look at it this way:

A minimalist would wear her trousers with a basic white top. A maximalist would wear the same with ruffled sleeves, for example.

1 minimalist - white shirt black pants

Are you a minimalist? Or a maximalist? Is basic the boss for you? Or layering is love? Find out what’s your style with this handy guide.

Minimalist V/S Maximalist ft. Cherry Jain & Riya Jain!

Meet Our Plixxo Super Bloggers - Cherry Jain of MuchTooMuch.In and Riya Jain of Caught In  A Cuff - our minimalist and maximalist fashion inspiration.

1. Monochrome or Multichrome?

2 minimalist - skirt top

Cherry - Black and white are dominant colours. The colours you choose would mostly be consistent throughout your outfit.

Riya - You like colours in your ensemble. Even your lipstick would be a shade of drama.

2. Treatment of a Trend!

3 minimalist - denim on denim

Both of them are rocking the #DenimOnDenim trend, but here’s the fine line:

Cherry - Not only are your denim themes same, they’re accessorised based on the ‘need’ of the outfit.

Riya - The denim themes are contrasting and your accessory game is a business of the ‘wants’.

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3. Lowering or Layering?

4 minimalist - layering with dresses

Cherry - You don’t want to look extra so when you layer up, your add-ons are simple and staple, like a shrug or a shirt. Also, you prefer stripes, that too with neutral undertones.

Riya - When you layer up, you Layer Up! It makes you look big, and that’s what you want from your outfit - style that shouts.

4. Subtle or Statement?

5 minimalist - cherry jain

Cherry - You’re a fan of subtle dressing. Even if you wear more clothes, you’d rather wear basic and turn it #boss with a dark blazer.

Riya - Number of clothes don’t matter for statement dressers. Your one-piece would have enough style to #boss it for you. Obviously, you like to go big on shoes and bags!

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5. Pastels or Plucky?

6 minimalist - wedding outfit ideas lehenga

Cherry - Pastels and neutral shades are your mojo, whether for work or for a wedding.

Riya - You like big prints and you cannot lie! As Iris Apfel put it, “more is more, and less is a bore”!

6. Solids or Prints?

7 minimalist - printed tops

Cherry - Your love for solids is unmatched. They offer a certain comfort and ease without compromising on your style and taste.

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Riya - Unless you’re going ‘all black everything’, a maximalist would always have a touch of print. Abstract, geometric, embroidered, or aztec, you want it all.

7. How Much Is Enough!

8 minimalist - jewellery

Cherry - You see something, you love it, you buy it, and you wear it everyday. Once you have your heart set on something, there’s no turning back. Be it a hoop earring or a pair of black studs.

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Riya - Your love for layering reflects in your accessories as well. Why wear one necklace when you add a choker, a pendant, and a long chain to up your game!

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So, what's your style like - minimalist like Cherry or maximalist like Riya? While you figure that out, here’s how I Skimmed Down My Wardrobe To Only The Essentials, Here's How!