The Ultimate Make-Up Routine To Look Fab In Family Photos!

The Ultimate Make-Up Routine To Look Fab In Family Photos!

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and look gorgeous for all those holiday family pictures you’re going to be in. No matter if it’s a planned photo shoot or a candid shot, your make-up has to be on point. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to go to a professional make-up artist, then you’re probably going to want to listen to our tips. Stick to these and you’ll look smashing in every photo.

1. Prep your face with a hydrating face mask.

makeup 1

Before you even pick your make-up look, you need to prepare your face and that begins the night before. A nice exfoliation scrub can help to get rid of dead skin cells and leave you with smoother skin. Another great way to prep your skin is by using a hydrating sheet mask to bring some moisture back to your skin, this will do 2 things, it will help your skin rejuvenate through the night and help your make-up coverage in the morning. In a pinch, you could use a sheet mask an hour before you put your makeup on too, but it works best overnight.

POPxo recommends: DearPacker Lab Collection Mask - Anti-Dry & Hydrating (Rs 100)

2. Swap your liquid foundation with a concealer.

makeup 2

Sometimes a little product goes a long way. Sonia Kewalramani, professional hair and makeup stylist says “I feel one should keep the foundation minimal for a more clean and natural look. The easiest way to achieve this look is to use a little concealer under the eyes and to use a BB cream instead of liquid foundation.”

POPxo recommends:  Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (Rs 3,000)

3. Say YES to BB Creams!

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There is nothing worse than a cakey looking face in pictures. Fight the urge to put on too much foundation, concealer, primer etc. This can result in looking cakey and just OTT. Opt instead for a good BB cream and some light setting powder. This is a great way to get a natural look.

POPxo recommends: L.A. Girl HD PRO BB Cream (Rs 700)

4. Make the most of blotting paper and powders.

makeup 4

Whether you’ve got oily skin or not, natural oils from the skin show up in pictures and make you look sweaty and shiny. The best way to avoid this is to have a couple of blotting papers and some lovely setting powder than can make skin look matte.  Remember not to use too much, just a light dusting or else skin can look pale.

POPxo recommends:  Milani Prep + Set + Glow Illuminating Face Powder (Rs 1300)

5. Go easy on the brows.

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Eyebrows frame the face and in a way the photo too. Doing them in a subtle way helps your features stand out. Reema Dhingani, make-up and hair stylist says “Use a brow pencil to make small strokes within the brow to fill them in.” Don’t go too dark or light with the colour, try to match your natural eyebrow as much as possible.

POPxo recommends: NYX Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil  (Rs 475)

6. Dust a bit of highlighter.

makeup 6

Highlighter is great to get that ethereal look or make cheekbones stand out. However, too much of this product under  strong flash can look too harsh. Using a powder highlighter as opposed to a cream based one, can make it easier to blend and give you that subtle glow you’re after.

POPxo recommends: Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder (Rs 499)

7. Mascara is a must.

makeup 7

Another hot tip from Reema Dhingani is to always use mascara. “Avoid using heavy lashes that can weigh down your lid, instead use a good mascara that will open up those eyes and make them look larger.” We couldn’t agree more!

POPxo recommends: Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara (Rs 525)

8. Eyes on fleek with a winged eyeliner.

makeup 8

A gorgeous winged eyeliner is more than enough drama without having to spend hours on eye make-up. Keep it simple and experiment with different thickness and lengths before you settle on the one that suits you best. We suggest using a gel liner and brush for a precise and a defined shape.

POPxo recommends: Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – Black (Rs 525)

9. A moisturised pout goes a long way.

makeup 9

Whether you’re going for a nude lip or a bold red or pop colour lip, you have to have a defined lip. We suggest staying away from matte lipsticks that can dry out lips which looks horrible on camera. Use a lip balm and then apply your colour directly. If you want the truest colour then use a little foundation on your lip to act as a neutral base, which makes the lip pigments stand out.

POPxo recommends: NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick (Rs 550)

10. Feel confident like a star!

There is nothing that looks better on a woman than confidence. So, no matter the make-up or clothes, remember to practice that smile and flash it all night long!