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You Can't Hurry Love & That’s What Makes It So Beautiful

You Can't Hurry Love & That’s What Makes It So Beautiful

When I was a kid, I always imagined falling in love to be the most beautiful thing that would ever happen to me. Before I wanted to be anything, I wanted to be in love. Then I grew up and I saw hearts break around me. I saw marriages end, lovers turn foes and people walk away. None of this deterred me from finding my own version of love that would last. I was desperate because all that mattered to me was love. You want the thing you’ve been deprived of the most; it’s a life principle. So, I searched everywhere I went. And I did find. I found flings, affairs, cheap romances and temporary solace. I called it love, every single time. Then, one day, I gave up. I was tired of looking for love.

image 1 love cannot be hurried

In life, we give ourselves timelines for everything. A timeline to be born; a timeline to complete our education; a timeline to find a job; a timeline to become stable and independent; a timeline to get married, have kids and grow old. But, we forget that love doesn’t follow any timeline. It’s quite independent of one, actually. It’s much like a sapling. It grows and flourishes in the most conducive of environments. That isn’t to say it won’t die, or that the habitat wouldn’t get spoiled. But, it will always be sown and seek out it’s ground anywhere it can. Love is like a chance waiting to be discovered. And there are so many of these. The problem is we give up on it in due time. We do this because of our own preconceived timelines. We’ve turned time into this scale that measures heights and achievements when, in actuality, time is just like an intangible element that expands and contracts depending on what we make of it.

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Someone once asked me, “Why is everyone so obsessed with finding love?” The answer is quite simple. As humans we were made for just that - career, money and purpose are all the by-products of a life that is essentially meant to be filled with love. But, we’ve gotten carried away by our fears and insecurities. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t take away from professional and financial independence. But, eventually, that’s not what makes us happy. It’s love that makes our worlds go around and love that we seek out when all else is faded of former glory. And that’s why we try so hard to find love and then, succeed at it.

The greatest gift is to love and be loved in return. Moulin Rouge. Wise and true words. When we’re thinking back on our past, our professional and financial failures don’t hound us if we’re in a good place in the present. It’s the love we lost, or missed out on that haunts us to our very last days. We don’t cry over the money we wasted on a pair of pants we no longer fit into. We don’t cry over a vacation that went South. We cry - in silence - over the one that got away, the love that could have been, the love we wish we had.

image 3 love cannot be hurried

We crave love. Let no one tell you any different. That’s the only reason why we will continue to measure our worth based on how much we were loved by someone. It’s harsh; but it’s true. A poor man will still be happier than a rich one if he has all the love he could ever contain in his heart. Can the same be said about the other? Ask yourself that.

We’re afraid that we’ll miss out; and, in the long run, will die. We forget that love transcends time and death. And so, it lives and grows, on and on. Love will take time, always and that's the beauty of love, that it is boundless. It takes its own course; one that - more often than not - we will always fail to understand or comprehend. We can instinctively sense it; but, we cannot predict it. I cannot go out there and say I’m going to fall in love tomorrow. Just like you can not predict whom I will be falling in love with. These aren’t matters within our control. And there’s a reason why it is so.

image 4 love cannot be hurried

We need to let go of the reins. We don’t control everything in life and love is the best example. Love cannot be hurried, my friend. Love knows no age, love knows no time. It is quite limitless; like a Universe of its own. We don’t know who we’re going to love; let alone when. You see, if love were bound by a timeline... Hell, if love were bound by anything at all, it wouldn’t be so devastatingly beautiful. Even in its melancholic climax, it is the most beautiful experience any human can have.

But, you have to let it happen; let it take its course; its time. Love is the most wonderful experience because of the way it unfolds. You can’t hurry love. And that's why you shouldn't hurry love.


Image Courtesy: Pexels

Published on Dec 9, 2017
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