Dear Bride-To-Be, Here's Your Last Minute Checklist Before You Head To The Parlour!

Dear Bride-To-Be, Here's Your Last Minute Checklist Before You Head To The Parlour!

On the biggest and arguably most important day of your life, you surely don’t want to be frazzled and be all over the place. You want be a zen goddess of a bride and so you’ll need to be super ready in advance. We’re listing out the items you’ll need to carry to the salon to get ready for the wedding. All you have do is keep this last minute checklist handy and adhere to it. Sound like a plan to you, Miss Bridechilla?

1. Shoes

1 last minute checklist

Obviously, we mean the shoes you plan to wear with the outfit, not the ones you wore to the salon.

2.  Shapewear

In case you are wearing any shapewear below, don’t forget to carry that to put on before you get into your bridal finery!

3.  Carry your entire outfit

That includes your lehenga, choli, dupatta or saree, petticoat, blouse among others. This sounds kind of obvious but what we mean is don’t leave any part of it out in a hurry!

Just how cute is this princess pitaara?! Perfect for you to keep your bridal outfit along with your trousseau essentials. Get it on Pitaara for Rs 4,500.

4.  Jewellery

4 last minute checklist

Don’t assume you’ll put it on later as the MUA will pin it all in place for you. You should leave the salon absolutely ready to be married! PS: Jewellery includes your wedding set and the add-on accessories like maang tikka and haath phool.

5.  Your perfume!

You won’t feel like your best self without smelling the part, so don’t forget this important thing.

6.  Makeup

Carry some basic products that you know work well for you. This is just in case the products at the salon don’t suit you or you aren’t happy with them. Also, in case you want a very specific lip shade – it’s just better to carry your own!

This compact makeup kit is just the perfect one to carry on your honeymoon too! Get it on Nykaa for Rs 2,695

7.  Mints

7 last minute checklist

Hey, this bride is a fresh one!

8.  Granola Bars

You might feel hungry through the process and granola bars are the perfect on the go snack that’ll also give you energy!

9.  Phone

You’re going to want your phone while you are getting dolled up. If not to scroll Instagram, then to coordinate with people. Don’t forget to carry that power charger either!

Just how cute is this glitter phone case cover? Get it on Case Factory for Rs 499.

10. All sorts of pins!

Safety pins, hair pins – sure, the salon should have them but why not be an ultra prepared bride?

11. Polaroid Camera

11 last minute checklist

This is just in case you own one and want to get a couple of polaroids clicked along the way! (We think it’ll be a cute idea to capture the making of a bride)

We are surely in love with the Instax camera. Get your hands on yours from Amazon for Rs 4,535

12. Money

Again, sounds obvious but brides are often accompanied by people and don’t end up having cash on them. So make sure to carry some money just in case you need it! You don’t want any damsel in distress situations happening.

13. Bindi

Don’t just assume that the MUA will have one you’re going to love. Find the exact bindi you want to wear with your outfit and carry it with you to the salon!

A multipurpose pouch that also doubles up as a jewellery organizer? Why not! Get your hands on this bindi organizer from Amazon for Rs 524.

14. Double Sided Tape

14 last minute checklist

This is for those of you wearing low cut blouses. It always comes in handy!

15. Miscellaneous

If there’s any other product you swear by, for instance a fixing spray, just carry it with you. If you feel like you’d like to read a magazine at the salon – carry that. Have a lucky charm you like to keep with you at all times? Don’t forget it at home.

This antique lucky charm necklace will be your constant companion up until your big day and even after! Get this beauty on Amazon for Rs 540.

...And you are done! Anything you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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