9 Insta-Approved Essentials You Need To Pack For A Beach Vacation!

9 Insta-Approved Essentials You Need To Pack For A Beach Vacation!

It’s the peak of winter 2017 and if you still happen to stumble upon this article (voluntarily, of course) chances are you’re soon heading for a beach vacay. We’re getting excited just by the thought of it! After all, sea salt in your toes, a fruity cocktail and a good read make for a pretty sweet combination, right? Oh and obviously, we’re not forgetting about the #InstaWorthy pictures you’ll be posting as you do the same. Unless you’ve been hibernating for most of the year, you would’ve noticed every top notch blogger’s beach vacation was made up of a few key pieces. If you want your pictures to exude some serious vacay vibes too, here are 9 Insta approved essentials you need to pack for the trip!

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1. An extravagant hat

If you spend most of your day scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’ve definitely seen a well composited snap of a picturesque floppy hat. Yes, this accessory will not only keep you from getting a sun burn, it’ll also ensure your vacation looks all shades of classy!

We’re loving this frayed hat (Rs 1307.89) from ASOS!

2. A beachy maxi dress



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Thigh high slits, off shoulder styles, midriff cutouts - say yes to anything that makes a maxi dress beach appropriate. Team it with strappy flats and oversized sunglasses for a chilled out appeal.  

We’ve got our eyes on this olive green maxi dress (Rs 1,850).

3. Off shoulder top(s) 


Off shoulder tops had a major moment in 2017. We’re not too sure if we’ll be seeing them too much next year, but the trend definitely makes for a failsafe vacation piece. Style it with hotpants and layered necklaces for a bohemian look.   

Get this gingham off shoulder top (Rs 899) to make a trendy statement!

4. Statement sunnies!

One thing we know for sure is that we’ll be seeing a LOT of this eyewear trend early next year (and we have proof!). So embrace the style and go all out with sunglasses on your trip. Try anything ranging from micro oval to crystal-studded to oversized ones. There’s no reason to hold back!  

These animal print sunglasses (Rs 699) will go with all your outfits!

5. Pack an umbrella to keep the tan away


We know what you must be thinking, “Didn’t we upgrade to sunscreens?”. Here’s the thing ladies, a good sunscreen will surely keep your skin protected from the UV rays but only for so long. An umbrella, however, will be quite useful at any given time of the day (and it’ll protect your hair too!). If you’re just going out for a stroll in your pyjamas, you totally need an umbrella!

You can’t say no to an umbrella as adorable as this one (Rs 1,192)!  

6. A dress SO short


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The last time we checked, a short, flowy dress was the most relaxed yet steamy thing to wear by the sea. It also happens to be the perfect outfit for a beach party at night. Remember ladies, the dress code is all things short and sexy!  

This shirt dress (Rs 1,399) strikes a balance between cute and sexy. We approve!

7. Don’t forget about the bikini!  

A perfect bikini body is like a perfect man - it doesn’t exist! But guess what? Every body is a bikini body. And feeling confident in your own skin is the new sexy tbh! So get yourself a two-piece swimsuit and surprise yourself.

This matching watercolour bikini top (Rs 1,089) & bottom (Rs 899) is vacay vibes done right!  

8. A one-piece for all the poolside scenes

While we love a bikini for its sex appeal, we can’t deny that a monokini has a charm of its own. Whether you’re planning to stay in a 5-star resort or a shack by the beach, you’ll need a comfortable swimsuit. Just in case you happen to be a water baby, carry two of these!

The millenial in you will love this salty vibes swimsuit (Rs 1,499) from Forever 21!

9. Crop tops with an oomph factor


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Go all out with crop tops, girls. Don’t wear something you don’t feel comfortable in, of course. But don’t shy away from trying plunging necklines and cutouts. Crop tops are the basic white tee when you’re packing for a beach vacation! Style them with high waisted shorts, maxi skirts or wraparounds for a relaxed outfit.

You can rock this mustard knotted crop top (Rs 799) all day by the beach!