6 Bloggers Style That Would Make You Want To Wear These Indian Hair Accessories RN!

6 Bloggers Style That Would  Make You Want To Wear These Indian Hair Accessories RN!

Have you always decked up with heavy necklaces or earrings for every shaadi you’ve attended? Why not try Indian hair accessories this time. From maang tikas and passas to side combs and matha pattis, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from. A beautifully done hairdo with accessories is something that will always make you stand out. Inspired by our favourite Plixxo bloggers, hair accessories are all that you need to look stunning right now!

1. Shristi Soumya

Maang tikkas are not exclusively reserved for brides alone. This basic hair staple is a must-have for each and every one. You can pick anything from the circular ones to patterned. This single piece is just enough to look exceptionally elegant and fashionable just like fashion blogger, Srishti's. 

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2. Aleena Macker


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Aleena Macker shows us how to double an earring as a maang tikka. Take a silver/golden chandbali and fix it with a lot of bobby pins to get her look. If the temporary maang tikka is too big in size, make sure to pair it with a simple pendant or small studs on the ears to balance the look.

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3. Aien Jamir

Hair combs are believed to be reborn as the next big thing when it comes to hair accessories. Get your hands on these pretty silver hair comb and ace this look. Bonus points for adding fresh or artificial flowers to the look.

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4. Shreya Kalra

Who would have thought of wearing a long necklace as a hair accessory? I’m sure this is new to us. But yes this look can be created by fetching that long neck piece from your mom’s closet and fixing with a lot of hairpins as the heavy ones might start to fall off. They look uber stylish and elegant just as it looks on Shreya.

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5. Zoya Singh

Isn't it perfect when your traditional jewellery comes with a comtemprary design. It is a perfect amalgamation of old and new and looks super trendy. Zoya Singh looks majestic and mesmerising in this sculpted maang tikka. You can recreate this look by getting your hands on one.

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6. Maia Sethna


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How beautiful does this one piece of ornament look?? It covers your entire crown that creates a major impact on your entire look just like it does for Maia. We have seen so many brides wearing this accessory and they look drop-dead gorgeous.

POPxo recommends this Gold-Finish Kundan Stone Double String Matha Patti from here.

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