5 Gen-Y Indian Designers Get Real About Their Personal Style

5 Gen-Y Indian Designers Get Real About Their Personal Style

In the last decade, the Indian fashion industry has seen new talent emerge with innovative weaves, eccentricity and recycling industrial waste into ready-to-wear garments. Their work (and Instagram handles) makes us very curious about their personal sense of style and how they style themselves. It’s time we get up close and personal to these Indian designers, don’t you think? From Payal Khandwala to Rimzim Dadu, read on as 5 Indian Gen-Y designers spill the beans about their personal style!   

1. Payal Khandwala

Indian Gen-Y Designers Payal Khandwala

Ever since 2012, when Payal launched her eponymous label, she’s come to be known for her unique use of colours and textures with a very Indian aesthetic. Her designs make a statement while still flirting with minimalism. Does this reflect on her personal style as well? “Absolutely. I lived in New York for 8 years, so my love affair with black came to an end when I moved back. Every day I instinctively colour block my clothes, even with my Tachi leather bags and sometimes also my sandals”, says Khandwala. When we asked her about her guilty indulgences, “Vintage silver jewellery!”, she quickly responded. Payal also likes to maintain a dress code for herself at work by pairing trousers with a kurta shirt, “I like to wear the same thing but just in different colours. Saves me the trouble of making one more decision.”, she says.

2. Jayesh Sachdev

Indian Gen-Y Designers Jayesh Sachdev

Co-founder and artist of all things quirky at The Quirk Box, Jayesh puts forward the idea of wearing art through his label. Graphic, rich in colours, mildly eccentric and yet sophisticated, this Indian label is a roller coaster ride over the rainbow. “Eccentricity and art is a reflection of who I am. And perhaps that personality trait reflects in the brand aesthetic.”, says the designer. “My sense of style is not eccentric, nor graphic, in fact, it’s probably far too basic for an artist or designer label.” As we dived deeper into his retail habits and asked him what he could be held guilty of owning too much of, “Shoes. More shoes. Did I say shoes? Shoes!”, he replied. The artist loves his well-fitted basics and seeks sartorial inspiration from Ashton Kutcher, “His casual chic style is my go-to look.”

3. Kanika Goyal

Indian Gen-Y Designers Kanika Goyal

Among Indian designers, we know Kanika's label for a provocative minimalism and the ‘As if’ tee sported by Alia Bhatt. We’re fans of the fuss-free silhouettes and the conversation starter vibe her designs have! Her collection borders around edgy with a very minimalistic base. “My collection is an extension of my style. I’ve always liked relaxed silhouettes and even today, I’m wearing an oversized hoodie I got from H&M that I’m wearing with leggings!”, chuckles the designer. Kanika loves wearing black and usually uses a black blazer to accessorize her outfit. “My current obsession is the Chloe blazer I bought while I was in New York. I literally wear it everywhere!” Her androgynous style and her creations go hand in hand!   

4. Amit Aggarwal

Indian Gen-Y Designers Amit Aggarwal

Among Indian designers, Amit is best known for sculptural silhouettes and innovative weaves. Of late, he’s been surprising us with his use of recycled plastic and industry materials. His label pieces are modern, eclectic and yet have a very classic appeal. ‘Wearable fantasy’ is how we’d like to put it! “My personal style has always been very minimalistic, But I always add a touch of eclectic appeal with my shoes and jackets.”, says Amit. With his ready to wear label AM.IT, he explores traditional weaving and printing textile arts and then superimposes it with industrial waste to add to its appeal. His out of the box ideas explain his love for Tilda Swinton. “I love how she breaks from gender norms to creates her own unique style.”, he says.

5. Rimzim Dadu

Indian Gen-Y Designers Rimzim Dadu

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Think unconventional surface textures, think Rimzim. Her claim to fame being the metallic saree sported by Sonam Kapoor, Rimzim loves experimenting with surfaces in her label and doesn’t play with fabric alone. “I’m the complete opposite of experimental in my personal style. My style is very basic and comfort driven. If I like something, I wear it over and over again”, says the designer. She’s comfortable spending the night out in a shiny, boxy dress and loves working in her torn jeans and comfortable tees. While the woman is a true genius when it comes to moving over embroideries and Indian handlooms, she’s also all of it at the same time - “I have a huge style crush on Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City. Even though that’s far from my personal style!”.