8 Things You'll Get If You Like A Guy Who Is Already In A Relationship!

8 Things You'll Get If You Like A Guy Who Is Already In A Relationship!

We all have that one unattainable boy we’ve liked for way too long and constantly try moving on from. But that clean break is easier said than done. It is a constant struggle to hold back your emotions and pretend to be cool on the surface. One-sided love is difficult as it is, but to watch the boy you are head over heels in love with, in a relationship with someone else can be painful, to say the least.

So, if you are like the rest of us who can’t help but want what we can’t have, you’ll relate to these 8 points of being in love with someone who is already taken!

1. His Gestures Are Painful But Make You Like Him More

He’s the perfect boyfriend in your eyes and everything he does to make his woman happy will only make you fall harder. But it’ll also make the process of ever moving on, extremely hard.

01 already taken

2. You’ll Try To Ignore Him

You’ll try your best to steer clear of this boy, his existence, carefully avoiding bumping into him and his girlfriend at any social events.

3. But You’ll Be Unsuccessful

The more you seem to actively ignore the boy, the greater is the likelihood of you two (sorry three) ending up at the same cafe on a Saturday night.

03 already taken

4. She Invariable Turns Into Your Nemesis

His girlfriend might be a really nice person, but you couldn’t care less, she has what you want and nothing can change that. So she is officially your arch nemesis and all you want to do is beat her position and get the boy!

5. You Can’t Help Being Jealous

The way he talks about her… you can’t help being jealous of what she has - HIM. And the worst part is, she probably doesn’t even know how lucky she is to have him. 

05 already taken

6. The Constant Need To Confess

‘I love you,’ the words are constantly on the tip of your tongue but you’ve gotten into the habit of perpetually bottling up your feelings and resorting to being his 'friend'.

7. Creating A Happy Bubble

So you’ve come up with a semi-successful way of dealing with this situation, sometimes you third wheel and that’s okay! The point is you end up getting some quality time with him and that’s what matters.

07 already taken

8. Over Analyzing Gestures

Maybe he just held your hand because you were falling off the stairs, but you’ll read too much into it and assume he’s holding back feelings for you.Coincidence? Definitely.

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