5 Ways To Feel More Confident At Work

5 Ways To Feel More Confident At Work

Power posing is an act that involves assuming a posture of confidence, even though you may not feel as confident, but you do it to make yourself appear dominant. These poses alter certain hormone levels in your body that influence the way you perform at your workplace and communicate with others. In fact, power posing may even positively impact the chances of your success. So by simply altering your body language and using these simple hacks, you can create a façade of looking more confident and possibly even feeling so. Read on and turn your work life around…

1. The ‘Make Yourself Heard’ pose

1 feel more confident at work . pose

To have people around you hear you out, you must tightly cross your arms across your chest and roll your shoulders back. That’s all it takes to look more confident and to have all eyes and ears on you.

2. The ‘Wonder Woman’ pose

2 feel more confident at work

You simply stand tall with your chest out and your hands on your hips.
Fun Fact: Guess what? Even Dr. Shepherd poses like that for a few seconds before every challenging surgery in Grey’s Anatomy.

3. The ‘Open Up’ pose

3 feel more confident at work

What you’ve got to do is, stretch and expand your body to take up as much space as you possibly can. In fact this pose works across the animal kingdom, and even in King Kong, he puffs his chest and extends his limbs to look all big and burly!

4. The ‘Let’s Negotiate A Raise Today’ pose

4 feel more confident at work

Pinch your lower eyelids. Voilà! Watch things unfold in your stride as your eyes sparkle with confidence. Don’t worry, you can thank us later! Did you know, celebrities too, often pose this way to be more photogenic?

5. The ‘Close This Deal’ pose

5 feel more confident at work

Plant your hands on the desk and gently lean forward. By leaning forward you tend to place yourself in a position of dominance and assertion thereby increasing your chances of closing the deal sooner rather than later by sending this strong psychological message across.