7 Household Chores To Help You Burn Calories When You Can’t Afford The Gym

7 Household Chores To Help You Burn Calories When You Can’t Afford The Gym

With the Delhi winters at its peak, your workout regime has probably gone for a toss. There’s always one season (extreme winter, summer, rains) when your outdoor workouts just become an unimaginable task. But did you know that some household chores instead can burn the same amount of calories, every day? Before you dismiss this as gibberish, hear us out because we are presenting to you the ideal situation. You’ll not just save on the maid’s expenses but also ensure your waistline stays the same and all you eat is properly digested! Win-win, right?

1. Mopping the floor: 190 calories in 30 minutes

If you’re living in a 3 BHK, chances are that you’ll definitely take about 30 minutes doing jhaadu poncha and make every squat count! In fact, even if you’re living in a studio apartment and this chore will take you only 10 minutes, it’s still worth it when you add it up with all the others.

1 household chores mopping floor

2. Gardening: 256 calories in 60 minutes

If you have a small kitchen garden, it won’t hurt to spend some precious time in there planting your favourite veggies and digging up some earth! It’s going to target your biceps, shoulders and neck area and give them a good workout.

3. Washing the car: 150 calories in 30 minutes

Imagine what happens when you decide to wash your own car! Get that bucket and cloth out and get washing. If you don’t own a vehicle, that’s okay. You could probably skip this and take the stairs every time you head out somewhere.

3 household chores washing the car

4. Washing the utensils: 75-80 calories in 30 minutes

Again, a really great way to work your hands and arms. This one might not burn that many calories but is certainly something that will add up by the end of the day!

5. Washing your own clothes: 150 calories in 30 minutes

That’s a hella lot of calories to be burnt in just 30 minutes! From your back, shoulder, arms, biceps and even your core…washing your own clothes is going to make your body work and move the right way!

5 household chores washing own clothes

6. Walking down and getting groceries: 75 calories in 30 minutes

Take that flight of stairs, walk it till your market instead of taking the car and come back lifting some weight. It’s a really good practice and say you do it just twice a day, you’re already doing more than what you set out to!

7. Cleaning windows: 100 calories in 30 minutes

Now this does depend on the size of your windows, but if you are going to scrub them, wash them and wipe them dry…three windows in a day, room by room is a lot of junk burnt and a sparkling clean house!

7 household chores cleaning windows

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