There Is Only One Thing That Can Motivate You To Run And It’s Not What You Think

Krithika Madhavan

Senior Features Writer

It is not the alarm that’s keeping you from stepping out. Not even the innocuous weather or your demanding boss. There are hundreds of excuses to keep you from going for a run, countless situations to stop you, but only one reason to do it - you.

Listen to your soul, what is it telling you? The motivation will come from within, so stop relying on others to push you out of the door. It is not the trainer who can make you do it, or the likes on a Facebook status. It is not even about the neighbour you’re trying to impress. The only person who can take accountability is the one reading this right now. So, inspire yourself, today and every day after that. Run for yourself. Run towards good things. Run because you can. And remember, #itsonyou!

If you’re wondering what brought this on, then watch this video by Adidas that visually captures everything we’ve just said. Now, get up and tell yourself you can and make a run for it.

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*This is a sponsored post for Adidas.

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Published on Dec 25, 2017
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