We've Listed Out Fashion Resolutions You Need To Make in 2018

We've Listed Out Fashion Resolutions You Need To Make in 2018

You know it’s true that most of us make resolutions that fizzle out by the second week of January or live to see February, if we’re lucky. But being your knight in the shining armour that we are, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you follow through with your fashion commitments in 2018. You, in turn, can bookmark these fashion resolutions and slay the coming year with more glamour and less faux pas!

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1. Give way to new fashion trends but also follow your style!

It’s great to follow fashion trends and we are absolutely in favour of all things fabulous, but let’s be honest, not everything suits everyone. Chokers were all the rage in 2017, but they really did not suit everyone. In 2018, promise to keep tabs on what’s happening around, but mould things according to your style and make them fashionable!

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2. Bid adieu to clothes you don’t need any more

There is always a way to turn bad habits into good ones, and you need to know this one if you have more clothes than what your closet can store. Girls, if you’re wondering what to do with your old clothes, then we have a solution for you. Old clothes should have a future too and believing this, Marks & Spencer in association with Goonj foundation has started a new initiative where you can exchange your old clothes for exciting offers. You will receive a voucher worth Rs 600 for your contribution. This programme will run in 39 stores across India including Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Chandigarh to name a few! You’re not only helping people, but also giving your wardrobe a makeover. Win-win!

3. No to buying clothes that don’t fit

Raise your hand if you do this! It is hard to resist the temptation of buying clothes a size smaller in the hopes that you will fit into them ‘someday.’ Fitness is an ongoing resolution and we are in favour of it BIG TIME, but don’t do this to yourself! It’s a waste of money, and may also trample your self-esteem bit by bit. So the next time you’re in the mall, get what you look absolutely stunning in and do not stack clothes for the future you!

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4. Don’t obsess over losing weight in order to ‘fit in’

We’ve all been there. Along with a side of fries and a double cheeseburger and let’s say this, it is okay. All you should be aiming to do this year is eating right and working out regularly. This will not only make you fitter but will also help get rid of the crash diets and the unhealthy eating habits! Let’s not obsess over losing weight drastically. Let’s get there eventually. For now, there are awesome clothes for all shapes and sizes at M&S. #Justsaying!

5. Never forget to check online reviews

Yes, things look a tad different in pictures and we all fall prey to the enticing products online. So, it’s always great to check the reviews before investing moolah online. At least it’s better to know what’s coming your way!

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6. Say no to wearing high heels if they hurt

Let’s step into 2018 in comfortable shoes that won’t give you blisters. You can always look for cutsie alternatives like wedges and block heels and still be fab.

7. Don’t compare yourself to the girls in the magazine

You don’t have to put up with those unrealistic beauty standards that the fashion industry has set for us. You are you and not that girl in the magazine, so be yourself because that’s the best that’s there, gorgeous!

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*This post is in association with Marks & Spencer.