10 Bad Fashion Habits To Leave Behind In 2017!

10 Bad Fashion Habits To Leave Behind In 2017!

There’s no point of a January resolution that is abandoned by February. We as a community of fashion curators… scratch that… let me rephrase. We as a community of fashion celebrators, have taken it upon ourselves to better your 2018 for the greater (fashion) good. It’s about time that you rid yourself of these fashion habits that are as bad as the boy who never called you back. The easier way to achieve the ‘New Year, new you’ fabulousness is to simply drop old habits that hold you back.

1. Wearing Tight Clothes To Look Slimmer

Extra skinny jeans would only suffocate you and keep you in discomfort all day. In fact, it de-emphasizes your curves as they are suppressed in a forced fabric. Tight clothes aren’t good for your health either. Just because something looks good on the hanger, doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Always choose one size bigger if yours is not available, and get it tailored later.

1 fashion habits - sex and the city

2. Buying More For No Reason

That’s the biggest lie you can tell yourself, ladies. There’s always going to be a party to attend or a vacation to go to, a friend’s birthday or your neighbour’s wedding. These everyday reasons aren’t good enough to burn a hole in your pocket and flood your closet with one-time wears.

2 fashion habits - ive nothing to wear lisa kudrow

3. Falling Prey To Last Minute Discounts

Retailers and brands will always have something or the other to lure you in. Flat 50% off, buy 2 get 1 free and so goes the old tale. That’s what you call marketing! Falling for it only proves if we’re strong enough to resist that fluffy skirt you’re getting for Rs 2,799 down from Rs 3,299. Is that really a style steal, we don't think so!

3 fashion habits - game of thromes ygritte and jon snow  

4. Wearing The Wrong Bra

Let us put it out there once and for all - one type of bra is not made for any and every kind of outfit. That’s why there are different types of lingerie so you can choose better. A t-shirt bra won’t get along well with a cold-shoulder top unless you’re okay with that ‘under the shirt adjustment’ thing you secretly have to do like every hour! Also, here are 11 Fashion Habits That Make You *Rachel Green*!

4 fashion habits - rachel green jennifer aniston adjusting bra

5. Not Knowing Your Stripe Type

Basically, what we’re trying to say here is - horizontal stripes make you look broader (that’s what makes them ideal for petite people) and vertical stripes make you look smaller (that’s what should be the preference of curvy women.) Know which stripe is your type and stay in line.

5 fashion habits - baywatch the rock dwayne johnson

6. Forgetting To Check Online Reviews

As much fun as online shopping is, it can be tricky if you’re new to the website or not sure which size are you according to the size chart. Always read reviews and comments before placing your order. Sometimes, brands run a size larger than you actually are. That’s when you end up looking like a potato sack.

6 fashion habits - penny the big bang theory

7. Shopping Because There’s A Sale

Yes, sales are great. You get to shop without feeling guilty. But first of all, not all sales offer good quality stuff making them a risky little bargain. Second of all, you end up buying stuff you absolutely don’t need, angering your mother all the more. We’ve all have been there!

7 fashion habits - confessions of a shopaholic

8. Wearing Shoes That Hurt

That’s my vice, where I lose my money control - shoes. I end up buying heels because they look pretty and badass, but I can’t always wear them all day long. Having spent so much, I feel like getting my money’s worth by wearing them a lot. Guess where it lands me (see GIF below!) Here are 7 Useful Tips To Deal With & Prevent Painful Shoe Bites!

8 fashion habits - monica geller friends boots

9. Comparing Yourself To Others

We all have our very own sense of style that is different from others. How can you possibly compare a girl who’s all about the basic blue jeans-white shirt with someone who’s wearing a slogan tee and mini shorts! Fashion fades, style remains.

9 fashion habits - mirror mirror on the wall snow white evil queen

10. Following Every Trend, Because It’s Out There!

Always remember following the herd, never led you anywhere. I still can't believe how long my 'black jeggings with a golden side zipper' phase went on for. I caught on the trend alright, but lost my signature style in an attempt to look fashion forward. 

10 fashion habits - how i met your mother

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