#MythNoMore: Does Your Shampoo Really Stop Working If You Don't Switch It Up?

#MythNoMore: Does Your Shampoo Really Stop Working If You Don't Switch It Up?

We all are constantly lapping up content that is to do with all things beauty, aren’t we? Be it skincare routines, face masks, tips for making your hair long and glossy… you want to know it all! I too am guilty of always being on the lookout for various beauty treatments and experiments, especially where my hair is concerned! And once I read up on them, I almost immediately give them a try. However, one common belief that didn’t really work for me was that shampoos stop working for you if you don't switch them up every few months.

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My Very Own Experiment

Upon reading about this, and hearing of it from all kinds beauty junkies around (that changing shampoos is good for the hair), I decided to ditch The Body Shop shampoo that I’d been using for years and give some other one a try. Of course, my expectations were beyond imagination! Before even giving this haircare method a shot, I was dreaming of a luscious long mane, glossy and flowy… basically a massive hair transformation and how! I eagerly went ahead and switched up my shampoo, and this experiment fell flat, to say the least. Of course, I didn’t give up right away and thought to myself that the new shampoo I picked was not for my hair type perhaps. It was then that I decided to speak with an expert and clarify whether or not you need to change your shampoo every now and then for the best results.

Expert Speak

Delhi-based dermatologist, Dr. Kiran Lohia from Lumiere Dermatology, says that all of this depends on how your hair reacts to a particular shampoo. She says, “Do you actually need to change your shampoo regularly? No, not at all! If it’s working for you, then I’m all for being faithful! It’s when your needs change that you consider switching it up.”

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However, does changing up shampoos help at all? “I honestly find switching skincare and hair care important especially when it comes to harsher shampoos with sulfates to be more specific. Because after a while, your hair gets comfortable with the level of foam from sulfates and feel like its working less. I like switching it up because I feel we all have “tachyphylaxis” in skincare and hair care where the law of diminishing returns applies for most ingredients, and changing every 3-6 months provides collagen boosting by the simple fact of change,” says Dr. Lohia.

The Verdict

It really boils down to how your hair responds to the shampoo. If you’re happy with the way your hair is cleansed and rejuvenated after shampooing, then it’s best you remain loyal to that product. However, if you want a specific change in your hair look and health, consult a dermatologist and ask for recommendations, we suggest.

Until then, take a look at some of our favourite shampoos:

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