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#DesiGirlStyle : Indian Wear Styling Rules We Swear By!

#DesiGirlStyle : Indian Wear Styling Rules We Swear By!

A wardrobe staple for every desi girl out there, churidar suit is a classic! From being the go-to occasion wear for weddings and festivals to flaunting a subtle ensemble at work, this traditional pair is a matter of pride for us. Even though opting for a chic suit with churidar as your OOTD seems like a walk in the park, there are some fine nuances that you need to keep in mind while shopping or getting one stitched. To help your process we put together an exhaustive and detailed list covering all aspects of this graceful style. From style tips on what is best suited for your body type to churidar suit neck patterns, this will serve as the ultimate guide to ace these ethnic separates. Nail the wedding season dressing with these simple styling tricks, you are welcome!

Fab Churidar Suit Styles According To Your Body Type

1. The Anarkali For The Lean And Athletic

 1a churidar suit neck designs

The women who are naturally lean and athletic can benefit from the flared silhouette of the anarkali, it adds a little extra body to your frame in subtle details. The fitted churidar adds balance to the whole ensemble and can make you look taller if you have the right shoes on! You can also play around with the length of the anarkali - moving from knee-length to floor-length.

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2. The Angarakha For The Pear Shaped Beauties

1b churidar suit neck designs

The pear-shaped beauties are usually advised to wear outfits with a detailed top in order to draw focus away from the hips. Angarakhas are a great fit for those who are looking to camouflage their mid-section or heavy hips. The tapered V-neckline and overlapped detailing pulls the focus towards itself and distracts attention from your lower body. One can also look at tiered angarakhas with embellished borders for a dressier occasion.

3. The Straight Cut For The Hourglass Figures

1c churidar suit neck designs

An intrinsic closet staple, we bet all of you have of plenty pieces from this style stocked in your wardrobe. It is exclusively flattering for hourglass-shaped women because it allows them to flaunt their curves with figure-hugging variations while bringing fail-safe linearity to problem areas. Be mindful of the colours and fabrics you choose, and you're all set!

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4. Full-Length Suits For The Apple-Shaped

4d churidar suit neck designs

Women with bigger busts often find it difficult to shop for themselves due to the lack of modest options available. The fashionable full-length suits offer the safety of streamlining the top half and balancing the leaner lower half. Be cautious of the fabric and tones, opt for a monotone full-length suit in a fabric that is not too clingy to create a slimming effect.

Style Tips For Wearing An Indian Suit

1. The Perfect Fit!

We can’t stress about this enough and more. When going for a kurta fitting, you must know exactly how loose or tight you want your kurta’s fit to be. Even with the salwar, you should give clear instructions to your tailor on how voluminous you want it to be. While he is taking your fittings, ensure the measurements aren’t too snug and leave an inch or two of breathing and moving space. It really will make you look slim and shapely.

2. Experiment With The Dupatta

And by that, we mean the fabric of the dupatta, the way you drape it with your suit and the colour of the dupatta! Try a different fabric like a net, or a crushed one with bandhani dye, a completely contrasting colour or just ditch the regular way of draping it and try a new style. It could be wrapping it around your neck like a scarf, draping it from the back or even pinning it to your kurta to give it a cape feel. A dupatta helps you dress up a simple outfit and experiment with the silhouette.  

3. The Perfect Neckline

It’s important to opt for the right neckline as it can make or break your outfit. According to your figure, your bust size and even how long or short your neck is, you should choose your neckline accordingly. People with long necks can try high necks, necks that are heavily embellished and more. If you have a short neck, opt for a broad neckline.We suggest you also try necklines like a boat neck, rounded and a sweetheart neckline.

4. Try Different Kurta Lengths And Styles

Play with the length of the kurta... Short, long or just at the right spot. Try varying their lengths in order to get some variety in your wardrobe, and also to look different, every time you wear a salwar suit. From an asymmetrical style, a high-low kurta, a jacket style; there are plenty of options and you don’t have to stick to the cliched ones at all. A high-low kurta or an asymmetrical kurta in a flowy fabric like chiffon or crepe will look great. You can also wear jacquard or a brocade jacket style kurta for a more put-together look. Get out of the usual and experiment, ladies!

5. Footwear Finish!

Yes! The footwear does make a lot of difference to your overall Indian wear look when it comes to this! Try wearing an open-toe style if you plan to wear heels, don’t opt for the shiny, western shaped pumps. If you’re inclined to wear closed shoes, go the jutti route. Wear a pair of beautifully embellished juttis that match with your outfit.

6. Accessorising It Right!

An outfit can go from casual to occasion wear just with the help of accessories. But the trick is to know how to accessorise these right. Adding some bling to your salwar suit helps the outfit come alive. Add long earrings if you want a statement look, add bangles if you don’t want to garner a lot of attention to your jewellery. You can even add a nice minaudière or an ethnic potli bag to perk up your understated salwar suit. The key is to keep it balanced and in sync, with the occasion, you’re wearing it for. Be it a regular day to work or a wedding ceremony… balance is key, ladies!

Churidar Neck Designs To Try For Your Next Stitch

1. The Detailed Round Neck

 1 churidar suit neck designs

Round neck is the most common of churidar suit neck patterns for a reason. It has an effortless charm and even the most amateur tailor can pull off a round neck! How do you elevate it? Add embellished details to it! Make sure you keep the tone of the rest of the garment in mind since piling up on neckline textures can look distracting and wash out other details.

2. The Plunge

2 churidar suit neck designs

As far as churidar suit neck designs go, this one is where you can really push the limits. The plunging neckline is super sexy yet modest, given that it is an ethnic piece at its core. V- neck kurtas and angarakhas are best suited for this neckline, you can even add a lace trim to the plunge for an added ladylike charm!

3. The Collared Neck

3 churidar suit neck designs

Swan-necked beauties rejoice! The collared neckline got really trendy this year, affording a grownup and sophisticated look to the wearer, celebs couldn’t get enough of this look! This statement churidar suit neck is sure to add variety to your ethnic wardrobe.

4. The Boat Neck

4 churidar suit neck designs

The idea of playing with churidar suit neck designs is more rooted in showcasing creativity than functionality. And one of the most artistic patterns is definitely the boat neck. If you have naturally been blessed with killer collarbones, put them on display in this incredible design!

Mistakes To Avoid While Styling Churidar Suits

1. Skin Coloured Churidars Are A Complete No-No!

Skin coloured leggings, particularly the ones that match your skin tone, are just not right. From a distance, it looks like you’re wearing nothing! Pick a dark beige or another colour that complements your kurta well.

2. Wearing Extremely Short Kurtas With Churidars!

If you are not able to differentiate between what is short and what is long, choosing a kurta that ends right at the knee or below is the correct length to start with. Always choose hemlines that divide your body proportionately. Avoid wearing short kurtas with a churidaar and instead, go for hemlines that end on or below your knees.

3. Churidars That Are Too Tight On The Knee!

This is not just uncomfortable but it is also bad for your knees, medically speaking. It restricts movements and might damage the fabric too. This happens mostly with cotton or silk. Choosing lycra or jersey blends is always a better option!

4. Stiff Fabrics!

Choose something that is more breezy and free-flowing! Wearing a salwar or churidar made out of a starchy fabric will not only be uncomfortable, it’ll also look ill-fitted and make you appear larger. Since there are so many folds and pleats involved, you need flowy fabrics to make the garment look less voluminous. By choosing lightweight fabrics you can also replace your tight drawstring ties with elastic one for added comfort.

Published on Dec 5, 2017
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