Fabulous Outfits For A Festive Brunch For When A Santa Hat Just Won't Cut It!

Fabulous Outfits For A Festive Brunch For When A Santa Hat Just Won't Cut It!

A Christmas brunch might easily be one of the most delightful experiences available out there. The delicious holiday food combined with booze that warms you up in all the right places is an absolute joy to behold on a crisp winter afternoon! We can already hear the whispers in the air of mouth-watering buffets in artsy cafes as the invites pour in for the holiday season!

Dressing up for any Christmas related event is traditionally led by the “wear something happy” advice. Fortunately, our resident fashionistas disagree, there are indeed multiple ways you can dress up for the upcoming festivities. These tasty OOTDs and fashion tips will give you major goals for the much-awaited alcohol-fueled brunch with the gang!

1. Festive Oversized Sweaters

We are finally at that time of the year when wearing oversized loose fitting clothes won’t get us judged until the end of time. We are totally digging Plixxo blogger Pallavi Ruhail’s styling of a red bulky number with a high waisted mini skirt, a tip you can use for your upcoming boozy brunch soirees!

Get the look with this Chunky-knit sweater for Rs 4,590. Buy it here

2. Wear Some Autumnal Colours


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Christmas fashion tips are all about bright preppy colours, just take a look around you at any holiday party and you would know! So how do you stand out for the office brunch that has you in a twist? Autumnal shades! Use this style tip if you aren’t a big fan of lambent pop-coloured outfits that come with the holidays.

Get nostalgic about childlike Christmas sweaters with this beige embroidered number. Available for Rs 3,590, buy it here

3. Throw In Some Cute Ruffles


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If you one of those merry-makers who live in tropical terrains, this fashion tip is for you! Style your Christmas brunches with festive details like dainty ginghams and subtle ruffles. A cute bandeau top with smart fitted jeans and statement footwear will be your in with the merry crowd.

Get Juhi’s ruffled gingham look with this peplum top for Rs 1,299. Buy it here

4. Slide Into A Sweater Dress

Your gateway to skip pants this winter, the sweater dress is a fun and feminine alternative to your solid bottoms. Make sure to accessorise the dress with belted waist or a pair of knee length stockings for added details to the comparatively simple look.

Make your Christmas brunches extra festive with this frill shoulder detail sweater dress, available for Rs 3,500. Buy it here

5. Printed Layers OOTD!

A layering option to take up this holiday season is the fashionable prints! With animal prints being all the rage right now, incorporate it to your brunch OOTD in the form of added layers. You can even play with fabric like faux fur, velvet, tweed and much else.

Get Kritika's statement animal print look with this UCB faux fur coat, available for Rs 5,999. Buy it here 

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6. The Casual Chic

If you are absolutely terrible at being cold and are always bundled up from head to toe, the Christmas brunch scenes aren't going to be any different. In that scenario, opt for a more casual leaning ensemble, complete with full sleeves blouse, solid jeans, cosy jacket and ankle boots! Add a stylish bag to the mix while you are at it.

Pair your winter basics with a smart high-waisted jeans. Get the look with this skinny fit jeans for Rs 3,590. Buy it here

7. Clash Your Brunch Brights

Wearing unconventional colour combinations is close to an art form, it’s intriguing and unique, a vibe you can go for on your brunch invite this year. Inching towards New Year, this could be the start of your resolution to try new things. As far as fashion tips go, paring clashing colours is usually a big no, but looking at Natasha’s pretty ensemble we can't wait to try this style hack!

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