Happy Skin Life: Tweak Your Beauty Routine For A Glowy 2020

Happy Skin Life: Tweak Your Beauty Routine For A Glowy 2020

Skincare has been a huge part of my life in 2017. Earlier this year, I did ‘No Make-up May,’ where I went an entire month without using any cosmetics (not even mascara or kohl, just tinted lip balm and a prayer that my dark circles would subside by the time I had to meet someone special), focussing on revamping my skin and skincare routine. Honestly, this started out on a whim, but once I was through, I learnt a lot of things—some were revelations and some were reminders of things I already knew about my skin. But the best part is that I found a rock-solid skincare and beauty routine. And, I learnt that it isn’t always about the expensive products — nutrition and emotional stability also play an important part in determining the way our skin looks.

Now that the new year is approaching, I am stepping into this regime with a newfound insight into what works and what doesn’t for my skin! I am sure that a lot of you are trying to crack the right routine for your skin. Well, you can find a GOOD skincare and beauty routine with just a few tweaks. Moreover, there are simple tricks that will make your hair and make-up game unbeatable too! We share them all in this article, so read on!

1. Check all the labels.

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Read up on your skintype and research on the ingredients that work well for you. As a practice, every time you buy a new product, read the labels to know if it has all the right ingredients. Your skin will thank you!

2. Go easy on the cover-up.

Your first instinct when you breakout is to take them colour correctors and full coverage foundations and concealers and go to town with the coverage. But here, your skin actually needs to breathe to heal. So, cleanse your face thoroughly with a cleanser meant for acne-prone skin, moisturise and leave it alone. If you need mild coverage, try and use a sheer BB or CC cream with SPF instead.


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Yes, I said it thrice because I would like to drill these words into your system! You NEED to protect your skin from sun damage. If you’re in your 20s and feeling pretty chill because nothing happens when you ‘forget’ to apply sunscreen, know that the effects of sun damage show up much later. So now, use SPF-infused products at least if you forget sunscreen!

4. Pat products onto the skin.

While applying your serum and moisturiser or even your foundation and concealer, just pat the products lightly onto your skin, rather than dragging your fingers across your face. This stimulates circulation and boosts natural growth. The light massaging motion also helps the skin absorb the product better. 

5. The trick to blowdrying your hair .

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This one has changed my mane game, seriously! Just notice the direction in which your hair falls naturally and then when you’re blow drying, do it in the opposite direction. This will give you a voluminous look. And to completely pump up the volume, just flip your hair upside down and go to town with your drier.

6.  Line your waterline and tight line.

So the trick to make your eyes look brighter is to line your waterline with a nude/white eye pencil. Use the same on your waterline with 2 or 3 heavy coats of mascara for a more doe-eyed vibe!

7. Fill in your lips with the lip liner.

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Not only does this stop your lipstick from bleeding, but also helps it stay longer. Also, if you want a true-to-tube colour, just line with a nude lip liner. It gives the colour a plain canvas to shine!

8. Mix your foundation with moisturiser.

This one is for the belles with dry skin. Just mix your foundation with your favourite moisturiser and it will help your foundation glide on better and have a sheer, less-cakey finish.

9. Use your everyday conditioner as a leave-in hair treatment.

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Instead of conditioning your hair after your shampoo, apply your conditioner to dry hair and then cover it up with a damp towel for 15 mins. After that, go about your regular shampoo routine or just rinse with water if you don’t need a wash.

10. Apply leftover anti-ageing products to the back of your hands.

Apart from the skin on your face, the back of your hands is the most exposed part of your body. So when you’re done applying your anti-ageing products on your face and neck, just apply the leftover there.

11. Invest in a face cleansing brush.

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It does a MUCH better job at cleansing your face and exfoliating than your hands ever will. Just don’t go nuts once you get it, use it once or twice a week MAX.

12. Do a double cleanse.

Seriously, after a long day of being in make-up (or not), sometimes, one cleanse is not enough. So, we suggest you invest in a good quality oil cleanser, too. The regular cleanser (cream- or alcohol-based) will take your make-up and grime off and then the oil cleanser will give you a deeper cleanse while bringing the moisture back to your skin.

13. Carry a mist around.

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Just carry a rosewater spray or refreshing mist through the day to spritz and lock in moisture.

14. Go easy on exfoliation.

Exfoliating your skin too often might also be the reason for accelerated ageing, extremely dry skin, redness and bruising! Stick with a good, mild scrub once a week and you’ll be just fine.

15. Must-have beauty buys for 2018. 

While you are making these small, yet vital, changes to your beauty routine, here are a few products that you should add to your kitty for 2018.

Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush With Bag, Rs 3,000

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum, Rs 1,550

Kaya Brightening & Firming Eye Serum, Rs 990

Yves Rocher Volume Texturising Styling Spray, Rs 625

Freedom Pro Eyebrow Kit, Rs 795

Small tweaks could lead to a total overhaul of your beauty routine for the better!