30 *Best* Wedding Moments Of 2017 That Touched Our Hearts!

30 *Best* Wedding Moments Of 2017 That Touched Our Hearts!

All weddings are beautiful, joyous occasions, full of lovely moments that the couple and their families cherish for a lifetime. We at POPxo Wedding on the other hand, get to witness a lot of weddings on an everyday basis and that is just cool. And now that 2017 is coming to an end, we thought of bringing to you some of the best wedding moments from the year (almost) gone by. Here are some wedding moments which made us laugh, cry and just generally went straight to our hearts!

1. That elated moment when you’re finally married and cannot contain your excitement any longer… so you just jump!

2. That sweet moment after the wedding, where you can’t help but steal a chaste kiss with your life partner!

3. The day of the wedding… the excitement, the anxiety, the love pouring in from all sides, especially your besties! One of the sweetest wedding moments ever!


4. Coz doggos are bae! This wedding picture is so full of pure love, need we say anything at all?

5. Oh sweet love! That moment when your hubby-to-be just looks at you in a way that makes you go weak in the knees...

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6. Twirl all you want girl, coz it’s your happy day!

7. Wedding Day (n): That *one* day when you’re made to feel like legit royalty!

8. That super happy moment for the bride-to-be when her friends and fam get on the dance floor and she excitedly cheers them on!

9. The babe bride - all set with her gorgeous mehendi, super pretty lehenga and stunning sunglasses! And oh, not to forget, her bridesmaid going gaga over her! Best fangirl moment ever… *wink*

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10. That super adorable moment when you just can’t help but shower all your love on mommy dearest! Just wedding things, we guess...

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11. Maa toh aakhir, maa hoti hai!

12. When baby boo Pantu decided to twin with his mommy on her wedding day! Hands down the best wedding moment I came across this year… *wipes away happy tears in a corner*

13. How can we miss out on the trend of the year - the DAB! We totally loved this couple dabbing away with their besties on stage.. Such a cool wedding moment, no?

14. The happy bride-to-be skippin’ down the stairs makes for a very happy pre-wedding moment right?

15. Coz’ you will always be daddy’s little girl! Your wedding album is incomplete without a cutesy picture of you with your dad!

16. Quirky couples are the best kind of couples, because what is a wedding without some fun?

17. That adorable wedding moment when you just lose it and giggle, especially at something funny that the pandit ji says!

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18. Look into my eyes, make me feel I’m loved and never let me go… best moment ever!

19. Everything about this wedding moment is just magical - the setting, the decor and the fact that the couple is vowing to be with each other FOREVER!

20. The colours, the flowers, the smiles - what else do we need to make a wedding moment so magical?

21. This dancing bride excitedly entering her wedding venue is just what you need to make your day!

22. And just like that, dancing and walking hand-in-hand, they decided to be each other’s forever!

23. That moment when you feel so much love for your partner, that you just can’t seem to let go of their hand during the pheras.

24. ‘Chak de phatte’ moment much?

25. This is also one of the most special wedding moments ever! All your friends going crazy on the dance floor…

26. Your girlies have been waiting for your wedding as much as you have… trust us! They will do everything to make their doll look like one on her big day *so much love*

27. Honest laughs are the prettiest, aren’t they? And oh, that filmy pose though!

28. Sisters before misters, always! Another picture that your wedding album is incomplete without!

29. The most touching wedding moment ever! When a girl bids goodbye to her parents and heads towards a new life… So many emotions, all in one frame!

30. Everything said and done, happy brides are the prettiest!

All of these are our favourite and I just can’t get over them!! I so want to get married now!