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Why These Sunglasses Are The *It* Thing This Year!

Got puffy eyes because you slept too less? Wear sunglasses! Dark circles that won’t give up? Wear sunglasses! Too bothered to wear make-up? Wear sunglasses! Unhappy with your outfit? Wear sunglasses!

They are a stylish solution to a lot of fashion dilemmas. And there’s a new showstopper in town. We call it, ‘The Sunglasses Of The Year.’ Believe us, if you don’t own them, you need to order yourself a pair. Best part? They’re so 2018! Are you ready?

One Pair To Rule Them All

1 tortoiseshell sunglasses - Classic Sunglasses

Welcome, the tortoiseshell sunglasses! Perfect for the Indian skin tone, they come in beautiful shades of brown. We especially love the texture that is giving the frames an edgy look.

2 tortoiseshell sunglasses - Classic Sunglasses

Fell in love, didn’t you? Pick a lipstick, style your hair, these babies won’t disappoint you. Our favourite? Classic Sunglasses (Rs 2,000) from Forever New.

Here are some options for you to start the new year on a stylish note.

There’s a tortoiseshell shade for every face, for every occasion, for every budget. What’s your pick?

Published on Dec 7, 2017
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