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Ho, Ho, Ho! You're Going To LOVE These Stocking Stuffers Under Rs 5,000!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Beauty junkies, Christmas is around the corner and we're sure you're wondering what to ask from Santa. So, we’ve got some amazing stocking stuffers that you need to lay your eyes on! If you love make-up and love yourself a good deal, these are a *steal*! Tell the boys that they've got to give you more than just the heart this Christmas and include these in your wishlist.

Now be ready to be awed with these cute, beautifully-packaged make-up products releasing this Christmas. You know what would truly make this the happiest time of the year? Getting 'em all!


Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you get everything that you ask for this year.

And while you're filling up your wish list, check out these Rose Gold and Glitter make-up products, too!

Published on Dec 23, 2017
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