The Best Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve Around The World!

The Best Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve Around The World!

New Year’s eve is a really exciting time for everyone. It’s the end of one hell of a year and time to close one calendar while you carefully prep up to fill the next one! While most people want to make December the most productive time of their year, others want to bring in the new year with a bang! Well, for those of you who think the latter, here are the 9 best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve from around the world. Pick the one you like the most and book your tickets for that year end holiday right now!

1. Sydney

1 new year places

Be with the Sydneysiders amongst the first to see the New Year and experience before anyone does. Celebrate it on one of the pubs at the waterfront from where you can see the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House! It’s going to be mesmerising, we promise!

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2. Rio De Janeiro

2 new year places

This is is one of the most lively cities all over the world, and after the famed Rio De Janeiro carnival, New Years is the best celebrated event on their calendar. Just go to Copacabana beach, take your bikinis and beers along to watch the fireworks crack up the sky from the water!

3. New York

3 new year places

Book yourself a ticket to New York, New York and also for all that happens at Times Square as the clock strikes 12! From some of the finest artists playing live on New Year's Eve to the entire square becoming a ground to burst firecrackers making one of the best cityscapes, this place will not disappoint you!

4. Reykjavik

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It might be sub zero temperatures in this Icelandic country but that doesn’t mean you can’t doll up in your furry coats, put on your snow boots and join a warm bonfire party that dote the streets at almost every pub to enjoy yourself a glass of mulled wine, isn’t it? If you love unadulterated snow and some me time, this is it!

5. Amsterdam

5 new year places

The fireworks here take place at the National Maritime Museum and the cargo ship The Amsterdam, which are lit up to look beautiful and just gazing at it for hours won’t be enough! Get yourself a booking at a local bar before they’re full and enjoy the night like never before.

6. Hong Kong

6 new year places

The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong is one of the best fireworks show in the world and millions of people flock from all over to see this on New Year’s Eve. The exciting part about this is, for the best views of the fireworks, you can actually board something called a countdown ship to just live it up!

7. Berlin

7 new year places

This otherwise quite German town is bustling and sizzling with energy on New Year’s Eve with concerts and the country’s best events taking place at the square. Celebrate with the almost one million co-party goers between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column, with the DJ playing your favourite tunes till your feet hurt and you can’t stand!

8. New Orleans

8 new year places

31st December is your best bet to visit this city if you don’t end up going for their Mardi Gras festival which is definitely one of a kind. So for New Years, fireworks are let off a steam boat and the famous Jackson Square becomes a really ‘lit’ party spot!

9. Niagara Falls

9 new year places

Watch the biggest falls in the world light up like magic at night with music, food and a great mood. There’s nothing like watching the year end with a bang and Niagara falls will surely give you the feels to the next magnanimous and enormously successful year you’re hoping to start!

Happy New Year in advance, peeps!

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