6 Hidden Islands Of India You Should Explore On Your Next Vacation

6 Hidden Islands Of India You Should Explore On Your Next Vacation

The last time I made travel plans with my friends or my family was when it was the beginning of winter 2016 and I was bang smack in the middle of yet another failed Goa trip that was not going to work out due to work commitments, shortage of leaves, and done-to-death touristy spots - like the beach.

Tired of commercial locations and craving a quiet island vacation in India instead, I happen to come across a horde of beautiful destinations that hit the sweet spot of holidays - affordable, accessible, and away from crowds or commercial chaos! So, the next time you crave a getaway, ditch the beach, and aim for these hidden islands in India for a marvellous holiday!

1. Munroe Island

Where: Kerala

Why visit: A hidden pearl amongst the several commercialised and touristy backwaters of Kerala, Munroe Island is a part of a cluster of eight islands. The lazy, but serene canal cruise, the narrow waterways where every river bank seems to be within an arm’s distance, and the renowned Kallada Boat Race of Kollam are all the perfect reasons for you to visit the island!

How to get there: You can catch a flight to Trivandrum International Airport or take a train to Munroturuttu railway station, which are both the closest to Munroe Island.

Where to stay: Munroe Days Homestay for Rs 1,300 per night

2. Divar Island

Where: Goa

Why visit: If marshy waters, the old-world rural charm of Goa, and single lane roads are what catches your fancy, you can be assured that Divar will fulfill all your expectations as your next island vacation. The Bonderam festival or the ‘festival of the flags’ is what puts this island on the map, where migrant workers wave flags of their adopted countries as they march through the village. Quaint? You bet it is!

How to get there: The island can only be reached by one of the three ferry services that operate in Goa: one from Old Goa (Viceroy’s Arch), to the the south of the island, another from Naroa to the east of the island, and the third from Ribandar that will take you to the southwest side of the island.

Where to stay: M The Business Hotel for Rs 1,850 per night

3. Srirangapatna


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Where: Karnataka

Why visit: The rocky island is of historical and cultural importance, as the region was initially under the control of the Vijayanagara Empire until it was captured by the ruler of Mysore, Raja Wodeyar in 1610. After several wars and battles, the island now rests as an island town in the Mandya district of Karnataka with beautiful forts, temples, and monuments protected under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

How to get there: You can take any major express train that stops at Srirangapatna station. There is also a local bus service that takes you from the Mysore City bus stand to Srirangapatna.

Where to stay: Hotel MB International for Rs 1,120 per night

4. Campbell Bay

Where: Nicobar Islands

Why visit: Part of the Great Nicobar Island, Campbell Bay is known for its sprawling flora and fauna, with the National Park being one of its well-known attractions on the island. Established in 1992, the park has a beautiful variety of flowering plants, some quite rare too, while some species of fauna include Megapode, Crab-eating Macaque, and Olive Ridley turtles, to name a few.

How to get there: The island is accessible through the government operated helicopter service, Pawan Hans, from Port Blair. You can also opt for boat and ferry services from Port Blair as well.

Where to stay: OYO 5731 Hope Town for Rs 1,994 per night

5. Quibble Island

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Where: Tamil Nadu

Why visit: The quaint Quibble Island is actually a river island formed by the Adyar river and is located between Mylapore and Adyar; both prominent neighbourhoods of Chennai. Not much is known about the island except that it was a place where the battle between French-led Indian troops and Nawab forces took place, and that the European cemetery on the island is one of the places you ought to visit on your trip there!

How to get there: Opt for the easiest route - the ferry service from Adyar - that will take you to Quibble Island.

Where to stay: Season 4 Residences - Nungambakkam for Rs 1,199 per night

6. Majuli

Where: Assam

Why visit: The first Indian island to be made a district in India, it’s located in the Brahmaputra river and was formed due to the changing of the river’s course. The island is known for its vibrant festivals and the Misings, the Deoris, and the Sonowal Kacharis are some of the communities that reside in the region. Festivals such as Ali aye ligang and Raas are some of the highlights of Majuli, also hailed as the cultural capital of Assam.

How to get there: Make your way to Guwahati and take one of the daily flights that will get you to the city of Jorhat. Once there, you can take a ferry service that will take you to Majuli as well.

Where to stay: Hotel Jora Palace for Rs 1,190 per night

Here’s toasting to your next great island adventure!