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Super Busy Bride-To-Be? Here Are 10 Life Saving Beauty Hacks For You!

Super Busy Bride-To-Be? Here Are 10 Life Saving Beauty Hacks For You!

Numerous parlour appointments, a thousand trips to the market and dealing with a mountain load of overwhelming emotions - being a bride is not an easy job. If you’re a soon-to-be bride, then you will totally know what we’re talking about. And since we know how tough it can be for you to manage everything and still look stunning, we’ve got a list of 10 super easy and quick beauty hacks for the #BusyBride.

1. Use a small card to get that perfect cat eye liner

Just place it at the edge of your eye, line your eyes and draw along it. You can even use tape for the same, and rest assured, you will get the perfect result, almost always!

2. To get the most out of your mascara, stick it in your bra for a few minutes to warm it up

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But it really really works! There’s a lot of heat generated in your bra (nope, not an innuendo), which helps loosen the clamped up mascara.

But hey, here’s one mascara that doesn’t really clump very easily. It’s none other than Maybelline New York Volume Express the Falsies mascara that is available on Amazon for Rs 525.

3. Your mascara can double up as your liner

Forgot getting your liner or cannot find it? Well, no issues because your mascara can easily double up as your liner too. All you need is a fine eye liner or lip liner brush. Just dip the tip of the brush in your mascara tube and apply. Sorted!

3 beauty hacks liner hacks

4. Longer lashes WITHOUT extensions… all you need is baby powder!

We’re not kidding. It is after all a tried and tested beauty hack. Apply a layer of mascara to your lashes. Next, coat your mascara brush with baby powder and apply it your lashes. After this, apply a second layer of mascara and tadaaa, now you have fuller and thicker lashes without any painful extensions!

Johnsons Baby Powder to the rescue as always! It’s available on Amazon for only Rs 171!

5. Get a superb, natural pedicure while you sleep!

Gently wash and scrub your feet before going to bed. Apply Vaseline, put on some comfy and fluffy socks and head to bed. That is ALL you need to do to wake up with soft and moisturised feet. It’s the best thing you can do to get smooth feet if you don’t have time for that last minute pedicure appointment.

6. To make your lipstick last longer AND to give it a matte look (if it’s not already matte), dust your lips with baby powder or translucent setting powder

This hack works like magic, each time, every time. Just apply your lipstick normally and after it sets a little, just hold a tissue over your lips and dust them with some powder. You will be surprised by the amazing results.

6 beauty hacks lipstick hacks

No better translucent powder than this one by NYX Professional. Get it on Nykaa for Rs 825.

7. For quick and cute nail art, just use a band-aid!

No time for an hour-long manicure session at the salon but want cutesy nails for that date with the fiance? Well, no problems because the solution for this is right there in your first aid box! Don’t look so shocked and go get a band-aid out of it. Make sure your nails are already painted before you start this. Now, cut the part with the holes and paste it on your nail. Apply a different colour nail paint on top of it and tadaaa!

8. Tame annoying flyaway hair with a little bit of hairspray and an old toothbrush

Hair tends to get frizzy, especially in winters. So, if that is happening to you too, then just spray a little bit of hairspray on a toothbrush and brush those tiny flyaways backwards. You will thank us for this!

Don’t have a hairspray? Well then, we know the best one for you. This one from Toni&Guy is what you need. Buy it on Nykaa for Rs 720.

9. No time to rush to the store and buy a matte nail paint? Add cornstarch to your glossy nail paint to give it a matte finish instantly

Just put a few drops of your normal glossy nail paint in a bowl or a plate, and mix a few pinches of cornstarch to it. Mix well and apply it to your nails. Works for a decent looking matte finish, doesn’t it?

9 beauty hacks nailpaint hacks

10. Feeling lazy to wash your hair? No problem, just wash the roots, it has almost the same result.

All the dirt and grease in your hair collects at the roots. So, when in a hurry, just wash the roots over the wash basin and you’re sorted. Your hair will feel and look all clean and fresh AND it takes half the time to dry up. What else could you ask for?!

Or you could just buy this awesome dry shampoo from BBlunt and get going. It’s available on Nykaa for just Rs 250.

We hope you found these beauty tips and tricks useful!

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Published on Dec 4, 2017
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