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Dear Bangalore, We Are Already Shopping Online From This Store In Your City, Are You?

Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Mango, yes these are some of the most amazing and hottest brands available in the country today. But there’s a drawback! In our attempt to look chicer, we end up buying the same stuff and end up looking like fashion clones. Sometimes it so happens that just by looking at an outfit, you can tell what brand someone is wearing. Just the opposite of one-of-a-kind fashion wardrobe we are looking to curate. Well, you don’t want that, do you? So we found a store that’d be so your thing for a fashionable 2018!

Dear people of Bangalore,

Presenting… Ni Hao! Fashion, for everything cute, and quirky that you want in your #OOTD!

Started as a Facebook shopping page, they quickly gained tremendous positive feedback (for all the right reasons) leading to a real physical store, expanding branches, and a shopping website of their own! Their products are all imported from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Korea. Asian knock-offs of your high street brands that are high on the style quotient. If you’re all about shopping the latest trends at an affordable price, this is your store!

Here are our top picks from the store (thank God they ship across the country) that have already made it to our closet.

From high-street clothing to street-style jewellery, Ni Hao! Fashion has got your back for all your fashion needs. They also offer a wide-range of Korean make-up, lingerie, hair wigs (we saw one in bubble-gum pink, yes) and coloured lenses to choose from.


Where: Ni Hao! Fashion, No.16 & 16/1, Phoenix Tower, Lower Ground-1, Museum Road, Bangalore-560001 | 080-41233006


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Published on Dec 27, 2017
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