7 Backdrops For A Fashionable Insta-Feed In Delhi - Do It For The Gram!

7 Backdrops For A Fashionable Insta-Feed In Delhi - Do It For The Gram!

Roses are red, violets are blue, if your Insta feed was colour coordinated, you’d follow yourself too… Long gone are the days when we used Instagram to snap the food we just ate and upload shameless selfies before a night out. Everyone has to up their game when it comes to posting on social media platforms and since Instagram is the ‘Maud Gonne’ of us laymen, it’s meant to look EXTRA AF!


Haji lane a fashionista's paradise. @visit_singapore 💁🏻#visitsingapore #Thatbohogirltravels

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Thanks to the street artists in the capital, Delhi is not short on creative backdrops to use for your Instagram feed!
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So, here are 7 backdrops you must visit to give your Instagram feed a fashionable spin.

1. Traditional Best

Khanna Market, Lodhi Colony


I love how the 70's have taken over our style completely! 📷- @yadu_clicks #indianyoutuber

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While candid poses still hold a special place in our hearts, the backdrop too makes a difference. No one wants a dump of clothes in the backdrop, stealing their thunder. Take some fashionable inspiration from Youtube blogger, Sejal Kumar to make every hair flip count! This backdrop at Lodhi Colony, New Delhi adds a pop of colour to the image, enhancing her #OOTD.

2. Blues, No More

Connaught Place, Delhi

In the midst of whitewashed lanes and buildings from the British era, this graffiti at CP (Rajiv Chowk, if you wish to be politically correct) makes for the perfect backdrop. Strike a pose in front of this masterpiece in a monotone outfit to gain some double taps!

3. Under the ‘NCR’ sun

Arjan Garh Metro Station, Gurugram

With crowd hustling on the metro lines, do what you may but you can’t skip this masterpiece at Arjan Garh Metro Station, Gurugram. A candid pose here and there in your everyday sweats and pj’s will make the perfect frame. Imagine that bird with an Instagram filter! After all, this beautifully painted metro station is well worth taking a train ride especially to get the right backdrop.

4. Oh, Good Earth!

Khan Market, New Delhi

Even if you’re not a fashion blogger, you’ve probably crossed this ‘earthy’ store while window shopping in Khan Market, New Delhi. Well, this spot is not the one to miss. A little bit of shopping with some flash action and you’ll have yourself looking picture perfect. Opt for pastel hues when shooting against the beautifully painted murals to make your outfit stand out.

5. Night Out With The Panda

Hyper Local, SDA Market, New Delhi

Imagine the ideal setting to get clicked in your #OOTN when you head out for the night. Shimmer, sequins, metallic or monochrome like the Panda, a snap in front of this backdrop at Hyper Local, SDA will definitely hit the charts on Instagram. Who minds posing with a drink, anyway? Not too much, though. The Panda is watching.

6. So Dope

Indian Institute Of Technology, New Delhi

A striking contrast of pop colours will make anyone stop while scrolling and hit the like button. Play with colours in your outfit or rock a coloured jacket like the illustration itself! This illustration at the I.I.T. Campus, New Delhi, demands a dab to be posted on your feed!

7. The Thirsty Cow

Gol Market, New Delhi

When you witness a colourful crow in the capital, keep your smartphones handy for a snap! Pose with the crow and play around with the graphic for an effortless snap for your feed. Don’t bother it too much or it might not tell you where the water is.