If You're Having A Bad Day, This Is The Song To Make You Feel Better!

If You're Having A Bad Day, This Is The Song To Make You Feel Better!

We all have gone through terrible situations in our life. These are the situations when we start to bring ourselves down, suffer intense pain, and start to think really low of ourselves. We feel that everything around is just crumbling away and that nothing ever seems right or fits in its place.

That is the time that we need to “Stand Up Tall” and fight the battle because this is a fight that nobody can fight for you and a battle that you have to win for yourself. This video by Amani Kerr and Raoul Kerr is about both those things: supporting each other in difficult times and being able to deal with those times on your own.

Raoul Kerr who wrote this song says, “This song is inspired by the powerful lessons I learned while going through the toughest times in my life.” He further goes on to say, “The video is about the lessons: the act of reaching out, being there for someone and showing them that as bad as things are, as painful as the process of healing is, their pain is being forged into armour. It's preparing them for the battles to come, battles they now have a better chance of winning.” Amani Kerr who is also heard singing in this song explains the relationship between her and her brother Raoul, “Singing on this song with him and for him has been more than just words and tunes, it’s been the sharing of the very same emotions we go through, regardless of how different and separate we may otherwise seem.”

This song isn't about forgetting your problems and your pain, it's about embracing them, and making them a part of who you are. The bad times you experience are the tests life has given you. and the fact that you're still here, still standing, and doing your best to move on tells you that you've come through these tests and become a stronger person. Your pain has made you stronger; it's not something to be ashamed of. Listen to this song, use its energy for strength and pass it on to your friends, because we all know everyone will be there in the good times, but only true friends remain through the bad ones as well.

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