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Want That Perfect Bod For Your D-Day? Here Are Some Simple Exercises To Achieve It!

Want That Perfect Bod For Your D-Day? Here Are Some Simple Exercises To Achieve It!

Weddings lead to stress. Stress leads to binge eating. And we all know what binge eating leads to - those extra few kilos, a bride's worst nightmare. You want to look the best on your wedding day and suddenly with a month left, you find the lehenga isn't fitting perfectly - the tummy is showing up and the blouse feels just a tiny bit tight. And that's when you press the panic button. But that only leads to more stress. So, don't panic. Instead, with a month in hand, create a bridal boot camp for yourself to shed those few extra kgs and tone up. How? Read ahead!

1. Crunch that tummy into shape

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The tummy is the biggest problem area for a lot of girls. Especially when you have to wear a low waist lehenga with your choli. But that’s where crunches come in. Every morning, do three sets of 20 crunches to get rid of that paunch in time for your wedding. Not quite like Katrina Kaif, but it will suffice to enhance your core strength and tone your midriff.

2. Squat your way into toned thighs and calves

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The lower portion of your body goes out of shape real quick. You don't want that during your wedding. Although the lehenga will hide most of it, still a set of toned thighs and calves do wonder to a bride's confidence.

3. How about sexy side-arms?

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You want to flaunt your arms on your big day but your triceps need a bit of work before you can do that. It's one of the easiest workouts but the results are a set of sexy side-arms.

4. Be straight. Be still. Do the plank

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Don't be scared of the plank. It will help you the most. If you don't find enough time to work out, do the plank. It helps you immensely because it tones your abs, arms, firms your core and strengthens your neck and shoulders.

5. Work the lats

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This is slightly strenuous but lateral pulldowns are extremely important. It adds strength to your back, gives it shape and tones your chest area. Think about the deep neck blouse and work your lats.

6. Meditate to focus on the positive energies

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Meditate to keep your mind off panic, train it to focus on the correct things. It's a marriage, things will go wrong but you can't get flustered in the head. To help you focus, meditate for at least 20 minutes. It will help you relax and compose your thoughts.

Published on Nov 23, 2017
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