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Why Chandler Is A Better Choice Than Ross For All Women

Why Chandler Is A Better Choice Than Ross For All Women

Growing up is not easy. You will have thoughts that change by the minute and some, that will stay the same throughout. Speaking of thoughts that change by the minute, personally the first thing that comes to mind is the choice of man I want to be with.

Okay, let me begin by telling you that just like every teenager in the 90’s, I too grew up watching FRIENDS. I would look at the male leads in the show and have my pick, “Hey, that’s how the guy I am going to date will be like”. While Joey was always out of the picture, after a while I actually realized how commendable it was to actually know what you wanted in life - whether it was in a relationship or its lack thereof. At least he was honest about it.

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So, Ross Geller it was - Oh! Dr. Ross Geller was every girl’s favourite because he was so caring and loving. I won’t disagree one bit, but if you really come to think about it, he was not really the best boyfriend. He was possessive, child-like, and made impulsive decisions in life (three divorces, remember?)

As a teenager, I adored how much he really wanted to be with Rachel, the fact that he was protective was endearing to me. I thought that people who love each other will find a way back to each other, no matter what. But maybe, just maybe, if things don’t work out, they do so for a reason.

In the real world, you have already been through so much of drama that you don’t need another one coming your way. You don’t need dysfunctional relationships that keep falling back together in bits for years. You deserve better than a clingy partner. You need a companion who you can come back home to. Someone who makes your life easier and just listens to you. Someone like Chandler (PS - it helps that he is funny too)

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He will be there for you through thick and thin and you’ll only have healthy arguments, where neither of you will be defensive or guarded. You will grow up to realize that after a while you just want to be with someone who makes you laugh and at the same time understand you and literally wishes to wake up every morning to be with you. Like I said, you want a companion and not a headache. Too many things will put you down in life and love should never be one of them.  

For those who are stuck with their Ross Gellers -  don’t fret. Your Chandler Bing is also probably stuck with a Janice and he will find his way to you super soon!