How I Made Him Give Me Oral Sex!

How I Made Him Give Me Oral Sex!

Imagine this, he wakes up with morning wood, you’re kissing him half-dazed in sleep and he begins caressing your boobs. Slowly moving his fingers down to your sweet spot, you’re excited about the turn this morning is going to take. But, then he gets on his back and gets you to straddle him, clearly indicating that this is all he’s willing to do. I guess the first few times, you love the idea of responding to his pre-breakfast appetite, however, eventually he gets into the habit of being the only one who has things that need to be ‘taken care’ of. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? So what can be done to fix this situation?

Have A Conversation

Communication is the key to any relationship, talk to him about the fact that you would like to have him go down on you. You could even ask him if he’s tried that before and has he had fun doing it? Be kind, be casual (do not be aggressive), the trick is to make it seem like it’s a mutual decision and not a demand.

01 go down on me 

Initiate It

Be suggestive in your body language and guide him downtown. If he isn’t the dumbest of the lot then he surely will get the point. And if he doesn’t, you should date someone brighter! Just kidding. You can definitely watch some porn together and get inspired.

02 go down on me

Have Patience

Some people prefer getting to know each other before they get extremely physical, you know, like establish a connection? Maybe that is what he’s waiting for, so give him time and space, and he will get around to it eventually. Don’t make him uncomfortable over this.

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Dump His Sorry Ass

If all fails, dump the boy. You don’t need someone who says stuff like ‘that is just disgusting’ or ‘you can’t expect me to do that’. Of course I do! And if you think going down on a woman is disgusting but her going down on you is perfectly acceptable, then this man-child needs a reality check!

04 go down on me

If you can live without oral sex then that’s cool. But if it is important to you and not to your partner, then it’s best to get things like these out in the open. Want to know what I did? I actually couldn’t get him to understand the importance of a female orgasm, so I left that relationship and him.